5 Things You Should Know About Chevron Wood Flooring

The chevron wood floor design is a characteristic pattern recognized by a “V” shape. Chevrons are a popular symbol indicating the rank or service on police officers’ uniforms. Originally used in rock carvings and pottery, this pattern is becoming popular for heraldry and interior design. The chevrons wood floor pattern originated from Greece and its existence dates back to 1800 BC. When considering opting for this wood floor pattern, there are things you should know. 

Chevron pattern

This type of wood floor is installed to create a “V” form. Professionals can lay the floor parallel or diagonally to the walls. The professional installer will recommend the most appropriate laying pattern that will match your space. Regardless of the pattern, the chevron wood floor pattern will give your space an elegant appeal regardless of its size. Perhaps this has made it popular among the French and gaining popularity among the British as well. 

The chevron flooring style will make any room seem bigger. It will also create an optical illusion of the room being longer and wider. This can explain why chevron floor is becoming a popular choice for owners of small homes. You can also opt for chevron flooring when looking forward to changing the proportions of your room to seem more spacious. 

Fitting chevron flooring

When considering chevron fitting in London , always choose a professional installer. This type of wood flooring is very complicated and requires a professional with appropriate experience. Other wood floors like parquet herringbone floors require butting up blocks against each other. A chevron floor requires running a straight uniform pattern in a row with nothing to support the edges. 

Only a professional installer understands the appropriate care required to keep the floor angles consistent for the blocks to fit tightly together. Failure to make the lines straight will obviously compromise the aesthetic look of your floor. The ideal professional should have enough expertise and experience handling similar floors. 

Solid vs. engineered chevron flooring

There are two options for chevron floors to choose from. The first is a solid wood floor with a chevron pattern. Alternatively, you can opt for a chevron floor design using engineered wood flooring when looking for a very versatile floor solution. Engineered wood can be placed in all areas and has no significant difference from solid wood flooring. 

The only difference is perhaps in how the two types of wood are made. Solid wood flooring is made from natural wood while engineered wood flooring is manmade. This is made by fixing or binding wood particles, strands, veneers, boards, or fibres together using adhesives to form a composite material. It is hard to tell any differences between engineered and solid wood flooring with a chevron design pattern. 

Benefits of chevron flooring

Aesthetic appeal 

Installing a chevron floor is a faster way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. This floor design pattern is the perfect solution to make a tiny space seem more spacious. However, you can as well install chevron flooring to make a large room more amazing. After installing a chevron floor, your space will stand out for this unusual modern and innovative floor solution. 

Flexible installation 

You are not limited to where to install a chevron floor. This can be installed in the whole room or part of a floor area. Engineered chevron flooring can be installed to border around a room and standard flooring installed in the middle. This will create a unique appeal and a brilliant visual impact in your space. Regardless of how you wish to install the flooring, chevron is worth your investment to transform your space. 

Overly clean look 

Installing the beautiful chevron floor pattern offers an overly clean look in any space. When used with no border, the blocks will run seamlessly beneath the skirting to give the floor a purely refined look. Alternatively, chevron flooring with a border framing the design will highlight the room shape. You can even have the installers to enhance the look of the floor border using mitered corners. 

Keep this in mind 

Just like regular wood flooring, the subfloor should be in a solid condition. Regardless of how well-made the wood flooring is, the subfloor should be at leveled and not compromised in any way. This will guarantee the exceptional performance and nice look of your chevron floor. Professional installers have to first determine the current state of your subfloor before installing chevron flooring. For any issues that need fixing, the installer will recommend accordingly and do the appropriate repairs. 


Hope this article has given you all you should know about a chevron floor. This kind of flooring is a good option in a home of commercial space. However, you have to find professional and experienced installers in London to fit your chevron flooring.