Give Your Home Interior A Different Look With Area Rugs

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Many people do not like the ‘wall-to-wall’ look of carpet because it covers the whole surface area. However, they are still big fans of its softness.

Here come Rugs as a solution which is a smaller carpet that does not cover the whole dimension of your floor. So, you can find many sizes of rugs that fit small and big rooms. However, 8’x11’ and 5’x8’ are the most popular and ideal sizes for rugs.

You can find many colours, designs, and patterns, but the quality depends on different types made with other materials. So, here we are going to discuss the different types of area rugs available in the market:

The Hand-Knotted Rugs

These rugs are woven artfully with different kinds of fibres. These fibres are top-quality silks and wool. These rugs are luxurious, classy, royal-looking, and expensive. Therefore people treat it differently from other rugs, just like a celebrity.

With time, the hand-knotted rugs get better, more precious, and more valuable. So, people consider it a long-time investment, just like gold. It is not manufactured in a machine and takes lots of time and physical effort. Therefore, makers can be creative with the design because it is handmade, not some machine-made rug with regular design patterns. So these factors make it so expensive and premium.

The Hand-Tufted Rugs

As its name suggests, a tufting gun is a small tool that looks like a gun. Artists or rug makers use these to make tufted rugs. So, they used a metallic frame and traced the cloth canvas on it, then used it to punch strands of wool and silk with the help of a tufting gun.

It is very similar looking to hand-knotted area rugs. However, you can identify the difference by looking at the back side of the carpet, where you find white latex and no sign of wool knots.

This rug is stylish and classy-looking and affordable as well. This is perfect for living rooms, entryways, and other areas with more traffic, and it goes very well with different interiors.

Tufted rugs latest at least five to ten years, and they are durable. However, you must use a vacuum cleaner, not a regular water wash, to maintain durability.

The Flat-Weave Rugs

This rug is very similar to durrie rugs or kilim rugs. So, it has no pile and does not shade. It is not handcrafted, but artists make this on looms. They weave this by weft threads on width and interweaving warp on length. Therefore, it helps to make them thin, classy, and exquisite-looking.

This rug is similar to dhurrie rugs as both side patterns and designs are often the same. So, you can reverse it to use any side you like.

Diagonal and geometric patterns and designs are common in these area rugs. So, it is commonly used for kitchens, balconies, and sometimes bathrooms in a foreign land. It comes with very pocket-friendly prices.

Wool is the primary and essential material for this rug, and cotton wraps are also necessary. However, silk can be a suitable replacement for wool.

The Handloom Rugs

This carpet has three different styles, and it is a hand-knotted rug. Artisans make these by altering wefts and knots. It is one of the most budget-friendly rugs. On top of that, you can easily wash and maintain it.

The Machine-Made Rugs

These rugs are made using heavy electrical and automated machines, and computers generate sequence-wise pattern input. Therefore, it produces more rugs in minimum time than other handcrafted ones.

They usually blend art silk, acrylic, and other polyester materials (such as polypropylene and nylon) with wool. Hence, the braking of material thread does not interrupt the power loom time every so often.

The Hooked Rugs

Artists handcraft hooked rugs using a tool that looks like a needle. These are very trendy and very expensive. So, they wove this on the canvas with the support that keeps these rugged together.

Hide Rugs

These area rugs are the skin of animals. So, animal skins’ natural patterns and unique designs are visually intriguing, and people buy them as a collection. Zebra hides, cow hides, deer hides, and goat hides are famous examples.

Braided Rugs

Artisans tie different fabric pieces together to make this rug. These fabrics come from wool to cotton. So, it comes in many kinds of thickness options.

This is popular for traditional decor, and country people often use this for home decoration.This is also reversible, so if it gets dirty from one side, you can flip the side and use the other. They come in different sizes. However, oval and rounds are the most popular.


Area Rugs can enhance the visuals of your rooms and the other interiors and take up little space. So, using these different kinds of rugs to doctor your room makes your room even more beautiful.