7 Ways to Cope with Extreme Heat Days without Racking up the AC Bills

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The summer months are coming! Those days with extreme heat and dryness, along with humidity to make you sweat are coming back again! 

While using an air cooler and an AC are two of the basic solutions to beat the heat, it also means paying large power bills. 

Use a bowl of ice and a fan 

An affordable yet excellent way to curtail the effect of heat and to keep the room cool will be using three basic things available in the room – ice, a fan and a metal bowl. Put the ice in a large metal bowl and start the fan. It will comfort the room temperature for some time. Even if the ice melts, the cold water will continue to relax you but at a reduced pace. 

Let cross ventilation work for you  

You can create cross ventilation in your room by opening the windows at opposite ends to enable it. Cross ventilation is a phenomenon that many people are aware of; not most know that it is a vital factor to survive the heat. The best time to open the windows of your room is between 5 AM to 8-9 AM and 7-10 PM, when the air is pleasant. 

Remove unwanted things from your room 

Did you know that having a cluttered room can make you feel hot than a room that has no or fewer things? Yes, it matters as everything emits heat! Thus, it would be great to remove books, newspapers, furniture and other unwanted things to make your room airy. Open the windows and pack off all woolly carpets and instead bring in thin jute rugs. 

Light your room right 

Many times, you may feel that your room is oozing out heat despite not being very hot outside. Why? It may be because the amount of lighting in your space is higher. Therefore, try switching off the light when not in use. Not only will you feel having a peace of mind, but even your room will become much bearable after a while. 

Bring in the nature in your room 

You can reduce the inside temperature of your room by keeping shrubs, plants and more. They can work as living air conditioners and may cool your room easily. It would be good to plan shady plants and trees on the west and east side of the house so that you may block out harsh sun rays.

Keep off unwanted electrical appliances 

Most of the electronics and electric items emit heat, and it happens not only when they are in operation but even while being idle and turned off. Hence, not only you should unplug all such appliances in your room, but remove them. It would also be suggested to do laundry, cooking and ironing clothes during the cooler part of the day. If you do that during the day, then it will heat your room and home on the whole.       

Paint your home’s terrace white

White colour reflects the heat and helps in keeping your home cool. Therefore, it would be great to give your terrace of the home a coat of white lime wash. It will help the rooms to stay cool throughout the summer months. But it may get washed during the Monsoon and would need to be reapplied before the onset of the summer months. 

If you don’t want to purchase an air conditioner or an air cooler this summer then by employing any of these effective hacks, you may not only keep your room cool and comfortable but even avoid raking up large air cooler and AC bills. If you change your mood to buy an AC this summer then you can avail exclusive AC offer by Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card on buying your brand new AC. You can avail various benefits along with this.