What are travel credit cards & 5 reasons to use them

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Hotel hospitality credit cards:

These travel credit cards associated with some of the best hotel chains offer a great number of reward points and offers when the cardholder makes a booking in the specific hotel. These travel credit cards allow the cardholders to enjoy some exclusive perks and benefits such as access to high profile special events, complimentary breakfast, room upgrades etc. 

Here are five reasons why it is better to use travel credit cards while travelling: 

Benefitting transactions:

Travel credit cards that provide rewards and benefits focused on airline purchases from a specific airline chain often offer these air miles on transactions. These air miles can be gained and redeemed in ways of a free flight ticket etc.  Frequent travellers benefit the most from this travel credit card as flight tickets are not only expensive but more expenses are incurred until the final boarding such as bag checks, etc. And these credit cards offer air miles and many other rewards that can be redeemed and benefited from later on.  

Concierge services:

Most travel credit cards that are in tie-ups or are associated with certain specific hospitality chains offer a number of complimentary offers and services at select locations. One such complimentary service is providing concierge service to the travel credit cardholder. Concierge services are indeed very helpful, especially in new and unfamiliar locations.  The service includes tasks like making reservations in fine dining outlets, booking tickets, recommending and making necessary arrangements of conveyance and transportation, booking and making reservations at spa outlets or salon etc.  

Travel-friendly discounts and offers:

Spending a certain specified amount using the travel credit cards are sure to bear generous rewards and offers. Credit cards that are associated with hospitality chains offer hefty discounts and vouchers that help manage your travel bills and budget.