Tomatoes Nutrition Facts

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About Tomatoes – The Golden Apple. Tomatoes come in various different sizes; some are small and look like berries while some are relatively larger – and in round or oval shapes. Tomatoes also come in different colors, ranging from bright reds, deep purples and yellowish orange color, to greens, but differences in color make no difference to the flavor or nutrition of the tomatoes.  This fruit is extremely versatile and can be consumed in its raw form and/or cooked form.

Tomatoes are firm coated in a thin glossy covering while from within, they are quite opposite. Tomatoes have a fleshy texture inside filled with water and tomato seeds.

Tomatoes have a unique taste that may not appeal to everyone when had in their raw form. Altogether, some say that the taste can be bland, however tomatoes have a sweetness that is not like our typical fruit or dessert.  Rather, it has a more subtle kind of sweetness coated in a bitter and acidic taste.

Tomatoes Nutritional Information

Tomato, a truly magical fruit commonly used as a vegetable is a jewel in disguise that has captured the attention of all those health conscious folks out there and for good reason!

It has incredible phyto-chemical properties which can protect us from deadly diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Tomatoes also have a variety of Vitamins including; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Read Tomato Health Benefits to see just why these fruits should be part of your daily diet!

Protection Against Cancer!

Foods that contain antioxidants and anti inflammatory support have proven to be amazing for cancer prevention!

In-depth research has shown an amazing connection between tomato consumption and Prostate Cancer! Indeed, the risk of men having Prostate Cancer can be decreased by regular intake of tomatoes.

 This is because tomatoes contain a nutrient called ‘alpha-tomatine’ which is a  phytonutrient that has the ability to alter the metabolic activity in developing prostate cancer cells. To learn about other foods that can decrease the risk of this cancer read Foods That Help Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

 Tomatoes also help lower the risk of Breast Cancer as they contain a nutrient called ‘Lycopene’  which helps put off the development of this cancer type.

Good For Your Bones!

Tomatoes may prove to be effective in promoting bone health after regular consumption. However, further research has yet to be conducted to verify up to what level tomato intake is helpful to bones.

Heart Friendly!

 Your cardiovascular system has a greater need for antioxidants than any other part of your body and therefore tomatoes excel in this area. They are rich in antioxidants – a substance needed to keep the oxygen in our body circulated.

Intake of tomatoes, and tomato extracts also help in regulating the fats in our blood, and improve the profile of fats in our blood system.
Tomatoes also lower the risks of artery blockage and unwanted clumping the platelet cells may cause – root causes for multiple cardiovascular diseases.

Possible Ways to Enjoy Tomatoes

For starters you can sprinkle your tomatoes with some olive oil, toss in a few other veggies and enjoy as a light and healthy salad or you can add a few slices of tomatoes to your favorite sandwich. 

Another way to enjoy your tomatoes is to puree them and cook – either you can add some onions, garlic, bell peppers and some lemon juice to turn it into a tasty salsa.
Feeling sick? Got the blues?  Tomato soup can be your savior!  

Health Concerns

Individuals with arthritis have been advised to against the consumption of tomatoes. It is also advised to consume organic tomatoes which have a lower chance of being contaminated with pesticide residues. Organic tomatoes may also be higher in nutritional value compared to tomatoes which are grown commercially.