Pick the best footwear for your toddlers with these tips :)

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Shoes for kids
Shoes for kids

The first smile, first word, and even first step of a toddler often mark the most exciting time for the parents. To a parent’s life, his toddler’s first step is a step full of dreams to them, it is the stepping stone of the beginning of his life. The day your toddler learns to walk, you may face a whole new challenge to remove all those things from the reach of your child, that may prove to be harmful to him. Along with that you also need to buy shoes for kids, especially when they are going out with you for a walk.

But before selecting and buying shoes for kids, one needs to consider the following tips.

  • Flexibility: While picking up the shoes for kids, the flexibility of the pair of shoes is much important. Parents must choose those shoes which are flexible and lightweight to avoid such problems.
  • Low price: According to the experts, the child grows very quickly, hence there is no need to spend much amount on expensive shoes for kids. Many pediatricians also recommend picking good quality shoes at a low price for the growing toddlers rather than spending it on an expensive one, as in 2-3 months due to physical development, the toddlers need a new pair of shoes to get fit into it.
  • Protection: Parents must opt for those types of shoes for kids which often enhance development. Improper coordination, balance, and bad postures of shoes can lead to the stagnation of the growth of the toddlers. Hence you must seek those shoes which protect your baby’s development. Along with that, one must choose those shoes which have laces or Velcro rather than backless and slip-on shoes.
  • Textured sole: One must choose the shoes with textured sole or may contain a certain patterned sole as it may prevent your toddler from slipping over a slick area. Such types of shoes also help the toddlers to put a grip on the floor and help them to take steps. Along with that, while choosing shoes for kids, you must look for shoes with thick soles as they will protect your child from any pain and leg injury.
  • Fittings: While picking up the shoes for kids, you must select shoes that are perfectly fit to your toddler’s feet. As. Loose shoes can lead your child to trip over and get hurt or may raise developmental issues. 

Keeping in mind the above points many companies came up with varieties of shoes for kids, among those is Metro. In the year 2022, this company has come up with a new collection of toddler’s shoes by keeping in mind these above-mentioned points which help you to pick up the best shoes for your toddlers. 

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