Appealing Custom Notebook Options For Your Brand

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Appealing Custom Notebook Options For Your Brand
Appealing Custom Notebook Options For Your Brand
Getting ahead of your competitors and profiting simultaneously is the aim of any good business. Investing in promotional items is the right call when you want to stand out from your competitors and impress your target audience. When you’re looking for a versatile option that can be used by any person, going for custom notebooks is ideal. However, with so many notebook options, you might not know which one will be most appealing and functional for your target audience.  Keep reading for some tips on choosing an ideal notebook as a promotional gift!


Before you start looking at all of the different notebook options out there, you need to consider what kind of personalisation you’re looking for. A common way to personalise a notebook is to display your brand or logo on the cover page of the notebook. You can also find options that enable you to put branding on each notebook page. The type and material of notebook you end up getting will ultimately determine the personalisation you can opt for. If you want something more customised, it would be ideal to get in touch with the customer support team to enquire about it. 

Sizing Options

When looking for the perfect promotional notebook, you have to consider who will be carrying it. Notebooks come in various sizes, from as small as A7 to as big as A3. The larger the notebook is, the harder it will be to travel around with it everywhere. The number of pages in the notebook should also be determined by you ahead of time. If your notebook is too bulky, it will deter your audience from carrying it anywhere, which can limit brand visibility. 

Purpose of Notebook

Who your target audience is ultimately determines the purpose of the notebook. If you’re targeting someone constantly on the go, a smaller notepad that they can carry with them in their bag would be ideal. However, if you’re targeting students, a regular-sized notebook that they can take to classes would be more optimal.