How To Stand Out With Innovative Custom Lenticular Service

Are you looking for a solution that makes your advertising stand out? Perhaps you need an efficient solution to meet your promotional budget and effectiveness. You obviously need an eye-catching marketing tool that matches your budget. Lenticular printing is an innovative printing technique that offers incredible results.  This type of advertising is very useful in increasing brand recognition including sports arenas, marketing departments, global concerts tours, and adverting companies. Lenticular printing is also ideal for custom items including movie posters, business cards, t-shirts, and dog tags. Graphics are printed on lenticules. These are tiny lenses embossed onto a plastic surface sheet. 

Lenticular printing process 

A lenticular printer uses multiple mages to interlace them together creating a single digital file. This is printed directly onto the lenticular sheet. When looking at the printed sheet the lenses allow seeing only a single image that seems to be moving. Turning the image allows the lenses to hide the first image so you see the next image.  The progression of the images creates a fascinating animated view. 

Conveying advertising messages with lenticulars

Telling product story 

Animating the viewer experience of your advertising material tells a story. Quality custom lenticular printing allows conveying advertising message with movement making it attention-grabbing. Onlookers can see a vale opening and closing to reveal the functionality of the component. This is an innovative way to tell a product story that can’t be achieved by regular print media.  

Makes advertising message fun

Lenticular printing makes advertising fun. For products like a new movie, large format lenticular printing for posters creates a wonderful centerpiece display. As shoppers pass by, they are likely to see your characters transform. This kind of product display is very attention-grabbing while telling the product story. It works great when launching a new movie at the cinema or product.