How To Identify Bracelet Size? 3 Tips

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Bracelet Size

Bracelets are a beautiful addition to a person’s attire and can really complete your look if worn correctly. Whether you are partial to diamond bracelets designssimple gold bracelets or costume jewellery bracelets, getting them in the right size is very important. 

Every individual has a different body type and bone structure, which is why bracelets are made in various different sizes. There are some lovely bracelets made for children as well and so size really does matter when making a purchase. It can be immensely disappointing if you are excited about your new bracelet, only to realize it is either too tight or too loose. 

When shopping in a regular store, an assistant will be available to help you find the perfect size for the bracelet you choose. When you are shopping online, which is becoming more common today, you will need to be able to identify the right bracelet size yourself. 

Here are a few tips on how to measure your wrist so that you can get a bracelet that fits exactly the way you want it to and that is just right for the style of bracelet you choose. 

Measure The Wrist: 

The part of the wrist that you will need to measure is the part just under the wrist bone since this is where bracelets are conventionally worn. You can measure with a measuring tape or a strip of paper. If you are using a paper, you should mark the spot with a pencil or a pen and measure it against a ruler. 

Add Some Gap:

Obviously you don’t want to wear a bracelet that is the exact size of your wrist as there are different styles of gold and diamond bracelets that look good when worn differently. If you are trying to get your measurements for a snug fit, you should add a quarter inch or half an inch to your wrist measurement. If you want to get the comfort fit measurements, you need to add about 3/4th to one inch to your wrist measurement. If you want the loose fit, add one and a quarter inches to your wrist measurement. 

Bracelet Sizes Based On Style:

While most bracelets should be worn in the comfort fit size, there are some that look good when in a loose fit and some that look better in the snug fit. When opting for the thicker bracelet styles, you want to go for the loose fit measurements since you do not want to feel like you are suffocating your wrist. A loose fit will also be more comfortable and allow you better movement for the hand. When it comes to delicate bracelets that have thin chains, it would be best to go for the snug fit measurements so that it does not shift around when being worn. 

No matter what type of bracelets you are more partial to, if you follow the simple tips that are shared above, you will be able to ensure that you look good in any bracelet you set your heart on.