How Frequent To Schedule AC Service In Houston

Many people don’t know how to frequently schedule AC maintenance. The general rule of thumb is to have your unit serviced at least once in spring. This ensures that your system is checked to ensure that it will keep you comfortable throughout the hottest and coldest periods of the year. Perhaps you are perplexed on what happens when the technician comes during your appointment. Below is a quick overview of what to expect when the technician arrives. 

Full system check

The technician performs a thorough inspection of your air conditioning functions and safety controls. This allows making necessary adjustments in your system’s operating sequence. Through this, the technician ensures that your cooling system functions properly. This will ensure that your AC performs efficiently to benefit your wallet and environment. 

An air conditioning system in poor working with multifunctioning parts is likely to use more energy to offer the same comfort. This makes the parts to work harder while hiking the energy bill. With time, your system will eventually break down. A full system check ensures that your system functions properly, last longer, and saves energy. 

Preventative maintenance

A routine inspection by a technician allows preventive maintenance. This requires identifying issues or potential problems that might become problematic on your air conditioner. Leaving these unaddressed is likely to make them worsen causing system breakdown. During Houston air conditioning service, the technician will address such issues to prevent them from escalating and leading to significant problems on your unit. 

After inspection, the technician also recommends steps to take before the next appointment to keep your unit working efficiently. Additionally, the technician usually recommends upgrading to a new unit if the current one does not meet expectations. Advice from a professional AC technician will keep your unit in good condition to limit repair calls. 

System cleaning

Another aspect of maintaining your air conditioner is keeping it clean. The environment near the outside unit might attract dust, dirt, and grime. Trimming nearby trees is part of the AC cleaning process. This is very important to limit leaves falling on the unit. Additionally, trimming the tree branches near the unit limits shading so your unit works efficiently. 

The AC cleaning process might involve cleaning the coils and filters. In case the filters need replacement, the technician will do the needful. This cleaning process is also helpful in eliminating mold and mildew growth in your unit. Professional cleaning by an experienced technician allows cleaning al nooks and crannies that can’t be easily accessed when you opt for DIY cleaning. You might end up more damage than cleaning. 

Duct cleaning

Another aspect of AC maintenance is inspecting the ducts. Technicians use remote video equipment to detect potential duct leaks. The duct inspection also detects dirt or mold buildup in the air duct system. Based on the discoveries after the inspection, the technician will do the appropriate cleaning and sealing leaks in the ducts. 

Ensure to call a professional air conditioning company to undertake duct cleaning. This will save your system from various problems. Cleaning limits the AC from pushing out dust into your environment. You can notice this when you usually dust everything inside your home. It also increases the chances of allergies and other respiratory problems. Cleaning your duct system is a great solution to enhance indoor air quality

System repairs

When the AC technician comes for the service appointment, he might undertake appropriate repairs on your unit. This might include tightening bolts, proper alignment of belts, or other complicated tasks like replacing electrical components. The technician might discover these when inspecting your air conditioner and make recommendations. This will save you from costly repair costs when the issues escalate over time. 

Additionally, undertaking appropriate repairs is necessary to prevent an eventual break down of your air conditioner. Taking long to fix issues might make them escalate making your system to fail. This will require investing in a new unit requiring an emergency budget. Fixing issues early is essential to prolong the lifespan of your unit to stretch your investment. 

Other tasks a professional technician does to keep your air conditioner in good condition include:

  • Checking the amount of refrigerant
  • Inspecting electric terminals
  • Verifying correct electric control sequence
  • Applying the necessary non-conductive coating 
  • Checking accuracy of the thermostat
  • Testing refrigerant leaks with a leak detector
  • Removing any refrigerant leaks from the system
  • Measuring airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Checking and sealing duct leakage in the central systems

Bottom line 

Routine air conditioner maintenance is very important to keep your unit working efficiently. Therefore, you need a trusted AC technician who is always a phone call away to inspect your unit and make appropriate repairs and parts replacements. An efficient working unit will ensure that you enjoy good indoor air quality and low energy bills. Scheduling AC maintenance at least once annually is essential. However, never hesitate to call a technician when your unit doesn’t perform to your expectations.