Ways to avoid doing mistakes and get the best out of your BF-47 chest bench press machine

BF-47 chest bench press machine

Chest bench press exercise is counted as one of the effective and loved exercises. Along with that, it is also known as king when it comes to exercise for upper body pressing and also have its day too. Well, there are lots of people who want to join the gym just because they want to try this chest bench press machine. However, still there are lots of people who don’t get the correct way to do the exercise, and they end up with fail attempts. For avoiding making mistakes, it’s important to understand the points that can improve the chest bench press exercise for you and effective too.

Here is the list of things which can improve your chest bench press

Well using BF-47 chest bench press machine for getting the beach-worthy peck can be possible, if you understand the ways which can improve the exercise.  Along with that, avoid doing mistakes that can lead to major health issues too.

# Do the warms up sincerely

There was a time when people used to warm up on trade mills, however, still some people do, but now they prefer cardio exercise to warm up their body.  It not just warm up the muscles but also it makes your body ready for the movements and exercise that you are going to do. Well for starters, you can do 8 reps using the bar and after that take one-minute rest. The next one will take 50% of weight and 5 reps.; then again take a one-minute break. Again, start with 3 reps with 70% weight and take one-minute rest. For last, you have to take 1 rep with 90% of weight and start doing the set.

# Don’t do stretching before you do the lifts

However stretching before doing the lifts considered an important part but now according to the research, it’s not that effective.  The reproach showed that stretching reduces the body strength and energy which affect the lifting. That’s why it’s recommended to do strengthen, so your upper and lower body can have enough strength to do the lifting effect and you can get the bench press benefits too.

# Get mentally strong when it comes to visualising

Underestimating your mind power can be the biggest mistake especially when it comes to lifting heavy weights. Well, if you are lifting having the thoughts that it’s too heavy, then there are chances not to get the results. But again, doing that same thing with the thought that you can make it possible can do the miracles. There are big differences when you compare both thoughts together.  When you visualise something, such as lifting the easy things and doing it successfully, your chances of winning increased. So when you are going to do your chest pressing next time, make sure to have positive thoughts.

# Position is important

In order to have the best experience and results, you should focus on improving your body position when you do the lifting. It’s important for your body to stay in the right position when you do the lifting in order to avoid any kind of damage and getting effective results.  Also, your legs are an important part too, don’t overlook that section.

# Work on the muscles which are a week

Well, during the bench pressing, the most primarily muscles are your chest and shoulder. When you are doing the lifting, you should focus on the feeling that you get in those areas. Apart from those, there are more muscles such as triceps, shoulder and other muscles are also on second important sections. Also, they are much smaller as compare to the chest, so when you are doing the exercise you will feel that your both secondary muscles are on fatigue which actually inhibits the lifting ability to lift more

Well, it’s important for you to add good exercise in order to get the best results.  The exercises that you can add here are overhead press and close grip bench press. After that, you can do the mixing with some other moderate rep work such as triceps extensions and front raises.

# Do the bench press more

Weightlifting is basically a skill which needs practice. Here you have to understand the movements, refine your body forms and repeating the same thing again and again. Well, you should add bench pressing at least twice in your exercise so you can do improvements when it comes to learning this skill better.  Also, it will help in adding the weight to the bar too. Also doing the benching more often will also sharpen your form and also boost up your proficiency. It will help in allowing your body to accelerate the more weight in the lifting.

# Look for feedbacks

When you are doing the bench pressing, don’t do it alone. Always get someone who can watch you over and help you in getting the verbal feedback. Well, verbal feedbacks can help you in improving your skills but also help you in knowing where you are doing it wrong. You can take help of your trainer or coach.