Stair Climbers are stairs to success in weight loss!

Life is like a race and only I can make efforts to win my race not anyone else can do for me. Weight losing won’t be easy but it will be worth it. People who try to lose weight keep themselves boosted and never let their Morales down at any cost. They eat for the body they want, not for the growth of the body that they have actually. Be the best version of you. Weight losing without effort is just a dream or a wish to be completed by itself. These dreams come to those who like to live in foolish paradise. Amanda wrote her post regarding the weight lose stair climber that will help you to be smart. These products have been come to the front after a lot of research technically and scientifically on it.

How do Stair Climbers help to lose weight?

Other cardio machines like ellipticals and treadmills that are used to lose weight then stair stepper might be much effective as compared to this. Stair climbers engage many muscles to carry out intense cardio workout same as it does for other weight loss machines.

According to Amanda’s latest post, stair climbers help muscles in legs to workout. Stair climbers initiate or ignite the muscles fibers in legs to get the heart pumping. If it not able to initiates all muscles fibers but a few of them then heart challenges can be meet with them. It performs dynamic workouts that may also help out overall health and immune functions.   

How to purchase a stair climber for Home?

While purchasing a product some features must be considered and Stairclimber is evaluated with respect to the following features.

  • Step Platform
  • Stair Stepper (aka Stair climber)
  • Stepmill
  • Step Ladder machine  

Following are some stair climbers that proves best with respect to their design, workouts, and prices.

Fitnessator’s Top Pick — Max trainer M6 by Bowflex

Why we love it: High range of resistance makes it earn the Fitnessator’s Top pick. It enables your entire body to do exercise with some extra tech features which will keep a record of your progress and monitors your moves that what you have done so far and how much you needed to lose particular weight figure.

Target Users: people who want to equip their homes with the latest fitness technology Bowflex gives them an opportunity to purchase stair climber with all its bells and whistles for high tech workout. Its highest resistance ensures the growth and progress while using the machine for the longer term. More Bowflex handles for added resistance in the upper body as well as burn more calories from head to toe. It seems best for those who think that their back pain or leg pain causes hinder in their exercise routine. With this low impact machine, you can reach your final destination gradually.   

Technical Details

  • Up to 16 levels of resistance
  • Max user weight can bear is 300 lbs.
  • Product weight is 148 lbs.
  • Dimensions are 49in X 30.5 in X 65.5 in
  • Price: $1699 (additional $169 for expert assembly)
  • Various handles for hand placement
  • Comfort and monitor heart rate
  • Available for sale on Bowflex website

Fitnessator’s Runner Up – 7000 PT Stepmill by StairMaster

Target Users: When you want to lose your weight at pounds then stepmill proves best. Stair machine for those who are habitual of climbing the stairs more than a hundred times and don’t tire up of this workout. People who have this gadget in their homes and do consistent exercise over it they can feel a sudden change in their weight. This requires hard work and diligence without cheating. Because cheating at this stage will be cheating on yourself whose side impacts can be seen clearly.

Why we like it: The stairMaster stepmill climber can be seen in most of the gyms. Unforgiving belt leaves you at the challenge and you will drench your sweat to complete that challenge. With this machine, one can lose weight quickly and immediately. Make this your habit because breaks will cause mood swings and you will lose stamina to carry out your work with same zeal.   

Technical Details

  • 20-speed levels (24 to 162 steps per minute)
  • 6 different programs to operate
  • 8 inches high stairs that give the feel of real stairs
  • Maximum User weight: 300lbs.
  • Product total weight: 447lbs.
  • Dimensions: 29in X 78in X 50in
  • 10-foot ceiling required
  • Price: $3598
  • available at Amazon Website and other retailers     

Benefits of Stair Climber

Improves balance and makes coordination — Stair climber requires balance to stand over it for a longer time. it has safe and security features that hold you up and never let you down and get injured. Training on stair climber improves the quality of life by keeping balance and musculoskeletal functions of the body.  

saves on space – another weight loses machines like elliptical, rowing machine or treadmill have a large footprint whereas stair climber needs more vertical space other than horizontally. Stair climber can be fit in a less spaced area in their rooms.

Some can be portable – mini stair steppers help you to burn your calories whether you are in traveling or at your desk.  

Basic versions can still be effective – in the 1980s some mechanical workout stair steppers were used. If you don’t want to purchase mechanical stair stepper machine, then you can buy stair stepper block. You can use your creativity and ideas to extend it for further exercises too.