Eight Ways to Avoid Becoming Addicted to Prescription Pain Pills

Accidents happen every day and some of them cause injuries that can be painful and debilitating. When you go to the doctor for your injuries after being in an accident, there’s a good chance that he or she will prescribe you medication to ease some of the pain that you’re feeling. It’s important to know that many prescription pain pills can be addictive. The following guide provides a few tips to use to decrease the chances of becoming addicted to the pain pills that you’re prescribed. Track Your Pain Many people don’t realize that the intensity of the pain that they feel will change over time. It can be hard to think about the past accurately if you don’t track the symptoms that you’ve. It’s best to get an agenda or calendar that has ample room to write daily messages. You need to track the intensity of pain you’re feeling and where you’re feeling it. Additionally, if the medication eased the pain and how long it took for the pain to subside. You also need to track how long it took for the pain to return and what activities you were and weren’t able to do. This allows you to accurately track if the medications are working for you and provides you with detailed information you can give to your doctor when you go to appointments. Being able to monitor your pain progression allows him or her to assess if other steps need to be taken to manage your pain. Consider Physical Therapy Many people make the mistake of thinking that physical therapy is only available to athletes or people who have a surgery. This isn’t the case, though. Physical therapy is designed to help you heal your body in a safe way to build strength, flexibility and reduce pain as well as inflammation.