How to start a successful Hair or Beauty Salon

Introduction In India salon shops are now more innovative and are more regularized by laws. If you are thinking of starting your own hair salon then you should register your hair salon and also you should pay your income tax efiling prescribed period because it will make your business more successful. This article talks about incorporation of hair salon. How to start a hair salon
  • Market research is most important thing for your newly hair salon business because after conducting a market research you get to know about your competitor, services provided by competitor and their prices of services, and other things related to your business so it will help you in making a good business plan. After conducting a Market research it will be easy for you to make a business plan and it will help your business in long run.
  • After conducting a market research it will be easy for you to decide that what type of service you want to provide and how much you will charge for that services. There are many types of services you can provide in your hair salon like hair care, haircut, body care, waxing and other services. You have to decide first whether you want to run a hair salon for only male or female or for both so you have to purchase equipment according to gender. You can also make your own beauty products and then you can sell the products to your customer. Many beauty parlour are selling their own beauty products and making good money from it. If you are thinking of making your own beauty products and if you want to use your own equipment then you should done your ISO certification in India as it will increase the credibility of products.
  • You have to choose a good location where you can open your hair salon, if you have your own shop then you can use that for your hair salon but if you don’t have a place then you have to find a place where you can start your own hair salon. Finding a good location in city is very important because so more people can reach to your hair salon. You have to get permission from local authority for shop establishment which is very important for running a shop in local area. Then you have to register your shop according to shop establishment rules because without this registration you cannot open a shop.
  • If you are single owner of your hair salon than you can start your own sole proprietorship firm and you have to register your hair salon under recognized authority and if there are two or more partners in your business then you can start your own partnership firm and incorporation of partnership firm is very easy. You can start your own partnership firm through making a partnership deed.
  • After incorporation ofyour hair salon you have keep in mind that you have to pay income tax efiling in every prescribed period and you have to apply for your PAN card first because without PAN number you cannot pay your income tax return. Income tax efiling is very important for you because in case of failure you may have to pay huge fine on it or you will get punishment of imprisonment. You can pay your income tax efiling online through the website of income tax department of India.