Custard Apple Nutrition Facts

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About Custard Apple – The Heart Shaped Treat!

Custard apple is a tropical fruit, grown widely all around the tropical world. This heart shaped fruit has a rather interesting appearance!

The slightly coarse in texture, somber green, and plaid–type patterned skin of the fruit houses custard like, velvety, creamy filling of flesh. The flesh is speckled with glossy black seeds which are inedible. Custard apples are as intriguing in taste as they are in appearance! The fruit has a sugary taste coupled with a rather a captivating aroma! Indeed, most fruit lovers rank this fruit amongst the most delicious fruits known to exist – now that’s saying something.

This sugary treat was first cultivated in West Indies and is enjoyed as India’s top favorite fruit! It’s usually grown between March and July but can be available throughout the year. Let’s take a ride through the nutritional value and benefits of this sweet fragrant fruit.

Custard Apples Nutritional Information

Custard apples are rich in nutritional value and consist of a number of health benefits. They are high in water and low in fat content. A 100g serving of custard apples is consistent of 75g of water!
Custard apples are a storehouse of Vitamin C – a well-established antioxidant. Additionally, this fruit has its fair share of minerals including Magnesium and Copper – both of which help contribute to healthy blood pressure and heart health. Other than that, the fruit also houses Vitamin A and B6, along with a substantial amount of Dietary Fiber and Potassium.

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

Antioxidant Content!

Custard apples are packed with vitamin C which is a highly efficient antioxidant engaging in protecting our body from free radical damage. Vitamin C saves our body from infectious diseases and strengthens our immunity system. Additionally, vitamin C is also immensely famous for its role as an anti-cancer and anti-viral agent, and helps keep issues such as arthritis and neurodegenerative diseases miles away!

Excellent Source Of Copper!

The body needs a stable supply of copper to aid healthy functioning of the body. For instance, our body needs an adequate dosage of copper for the proper development of the heart, brain and other vital organs of the body. Copper also contributes to growth and the subsequent maintenance of bones and connective tissue. For all the mothers reading this, it has been documented as per scientific research, copper can work wonders in treating premature and underweight birth babies, and also undernourished young children!

Treats Anemia!

Custard apple is a stimulant that stimulates the production of red blood cells and is useful in treating anemia. The high amounts of copper present aid in the making of hemoglobin which treats the problem of anemia.

Aids in Digestion!

This sweet tasting fruit is also efficient when it comes to digestion. It has an ample supply of Dietary Fiber which helps our body maintain proper bowel functioning; helping with indigestion and curing constipation.

Good Dose of Vitamin A!

Custard apple consists of a good dose of vitamin A which helps us obtain glossier, thick hair in addition to glowing skin and sharpened eyesight!

Loaded With Vitamin B6!

Vitamin B6 is a very important class of Vitamin. A Vitamin B deficiency can cause a number of health problems including; skin related problems, sore tongues, convulsions and spasms, and even depression! Make sure to add this sugary goodness to your diet to curb that vitamin B deficiency!

High in Potassium!

Substantial levels of potassium in the body are crucial for a healthy functioning heart, nerve impulses and muscle contraction. Potassium also helps in the prevention of kidney stone formation and stabilizes blood pressure, lowering it down when too high.

Therapeutic Benefits!

Custard apples have a number of therapeutic benefits! Let’s share a few!

  • A paste can be made of the flesh of the fruit, which is known to help with ulcers, abscesses and boils when applied locally.
  • Sundried custard apple, ground to powder, is an efficient remedy to treating diarrhea and dysentery.
  • The bark of the tree consists of astringents and tannins, used to make herbal medicines, which can be used to treat acne, allergies, fungal infections etc.
  • The leaves of the tree are said to be useful in treating tumor and cancers.
  • The bark of the tree can help in relieving tooth ache and gum pains.

How To Enjoy!

The best way to enjoy this fruit is by refrigerating it first and when it’s cool enough, breaking it open and scooping the flesh out with a spoon and enjoying the sweet taste directly!
Custard milkshakes are also delicious!  Add some custard apple flesh (seedless of course,) into a blender, add lots of ice, a glass of milk and very little sugar, blend away, let it froth and enjoy!
Caution: Do not forget to remove the seeds – they can be poisonous!

Possible Health Concerns

Custard apples are at their best when consumed organically. Pesticide usage is on the rise, and can be very harmful in terms of residual content. While consuming custard apple, ensure it is organically grown, nothings beats that. Otherwise, it is highly advisable to wash the fruit thoroughly before eating it in order to maximize prevention against pesticide residues.