Date Fruit Nutrition Facts

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About Date Fruit – A Wholesome Super Delight!

Date Fruit

Dates are fruits borne on palm trees and can be consumed in its fresh form and dried form. This tiny portable package is an efficient supplier of various nutrients. The date fruit is a sweet delight and considered a delicacy, which grows in oval-shaped clusters of reddish-brown glossy skinned drupelets.

This fruit which is the staple food of Middle Eastern nations is not only affluent in carrying various nutrients but is also a wealthy source of medicinal properties! The versatility of this fruit in terms of consumption is also commendable! Let’s enlighten ourselves with the nutritional value, health benefits and possible ways to enjoy this wholesome delight!

Dates Nutritional Information

Date Fruits are nuggets of nutrients, housing a range of vitamins and an abundance of minerals. They are a good source of minerals such as potassium, iron, fluorine, calcium, and consists of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B complexes and more than 20 different amino acids- quite the powerhouse of health packed in a tiny body! Dates are also loaded with both soluble and insoluble fibers which promote the healthy functioning of the bowel movements! 

Health Benefits of Date Fruit

This amazingly nutritious fruit is infamous for the plethora of health benefits it garners.

All Those Vitamins!

Date fruits are a good source of a bundle of vitamins, starting from vitamin C, to vitamin A, to vitamin E, vitamin K and going to vitamin B complexes!

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps shield our body from infectious diseases and strengthens the immunity system.
  • Vitamin k has the potential of increasing bone metabolism
  •  Vitamin A helps in protecting us from a host of problems such as that of cataracts, issues pertaining to the skin, pulmonary diseases, and cancer.
  • Vitamin B complexes help in blood formation and keep that toxic waste and unwanted pollutants infecting our bodies, away! They are important for energy production, glossy nails and glowing skin, prevention of muscle cramps and spasms, the elasticity of body tissues, maintenance of blood sugar levels and healthy hair.

Essential Minerals!

Dates house a number of minerals.

  • They consist of a sizeable amount of potassium which is an essential mineral promoting good and hearty heart health! Potassium is an important component required by our cells and in our body fluid that helps stabilize heart rates and blood pressure by counterbalancing effects of sodium.
  • An efficient source of calcium, helping in building strong bones and shiny white teeth.
  • It contains iron, a mineral essential in the body for the production of red blood cells.

A Happier Stomach!

Dates act as mild laxatives, helping curb digestion problems. If you constantly suffer from constipation you must incorporate dates in your diet as they are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. This fiber content is helpful in relieving constipation and cleaning toxins off the gastrointestinal system, making it squeaky clean! Moreover, having healthy bowel movements is highly essential as it prevents us from colon cancer as well as acne issues!

Energy Booster!

Dates consist of up to 20 different kinds of amino acids which make dates easily digestible and reboot the body with energy levels required to carry out activities within a span of half an hour!  Power packed with 29 grams of natural sugars (glucose, sucrose and fructose), 3 grams of dietary fiber and 31 grams of carbohydrates, it’s fair to call dates an energy booster miracle!

A Healthy Nervous System!

Dates are rich in potassium content, consisting of 5% of this mineral. Potassium adds to the nervous system health and low sodium levels found in the fruit help in maintaining blood pressure.

Treats Anemia!

Anemic patients are greatly advised by doctors to consume this natural supplement of iron in order to boost their iron deficiencies. Dates house a substantial content of iron, making it a highly efficient home remedy for treating anemia.

Builds Stamina!

As per research, dates have been found to help people with a weak heart by strengthening their heart muscles, and toning up the muscles of the uterus in pregnant ladies for easier deliveries. In certain traditions, dates are also believed to increase sexual stamina and overcome sexual weaknesses.

Best Friend during Pregnancy!

Dates have been established as an essential food source during pregnancy, helping the mother and the child in various regards. During pregnancy, women experience severe bloating, constipation and intestinal problems. Dates help relieve intestinal troubles and constipation. Additionally, being a rich source of iron, dates prevent anemia in mother and child alike. According to certain traditions, dates help impart good memory and intelligence on to the fetus and facilitate childbirth by strengthening the uterus.

Prevents Tooth Decay!

Dates house special mineral called ‘fluorine’ which helps in slowing down the process of early tooth decay. Fluorine essentially helps in building tooth enamel which is resistant to tooth decay, hence, helping maintain healthy shiny teeth for longer.

Say No to Anorexia!

People who are desperately trying to put on weight need to turn to this power fruit! Dates are high in calories with one date consisting of around 66 calories! Choose the healthy road to weight gain by consuming 5-6 dates daily.

How to Enjoy!

Dates are great on their own! Make a little dried fruit mix with walnuts, cashew nuts and almonds and add pieces of dates to it for a touch of chewy sweetness!

Want to add the extra hint of richness and nutrition to everyday recipes? Try sprinkling chopped dates over rice, vegetable and fruit salads, or add it to the stuffing to your stuffed chicken! It will taste yummy either ways!

Dates also compliment common confectionary items really well and add some excitement to otherwise basic recipes! Use dates in muffins, cookies, cakes or home-made breads for that extra flavor and appeal!

Make a date paste and add it to you morning glass of milk, spread it over a toast, or add it to a cup of yoghurt and have an insane energized day ahead of you!

Possible Health Concerns

A 150 grams cup of dates consists of a whopping 417 calories! You are bound to gain weight if you eat more calories than you burn, and obesity can lead to chronic diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. The high glycemic index present in fruits such as dates increases blood sugar levels, leading to culmination of type 2 diabetes. Also, individuals who are fructose intolerant should avoid consumption of dates.