‘Carpool Wednesdays’ with proudly South African App

uGoMyWay, a South African designed, built and maintained carpooling and rideshare application aims to ease the load of the upcoming petrol hike on motorists, as well as help the environment, by making it easier for people to find rides in their area.

The app allows you to find someone with less than a five-minute deviation from your normal route to travel with.

It has a secure chat function which allows you to discuss the trip and agree on a shared cost for the trip. The cost is calculated automatically through geo-location software in the app.

Payment is also handled via the app and settled on a monthly basis, to avoid any uncomfortable conversations about money.

uGoMyWay recommends charging R1 per kilometer, but individuals can work out their own rate.

The company does take cognizence of the fact that for most people carpooling everyday of the week may be difficult, so they are proposing ‘Carpool Wednesdays’, to encourage motorists to try ridesharing just one day a week.

By sharing rides, the company says that traffic congestion will be lessened, reducing travel time and it will have an environmental bonus, as less cars on the road will mean less emissions.

uGoMyWay has also committed to planting trees every month in support of ‘Carpool Wednesdays’.

The app can be downloaded from either the Google Playstore or Apple iTunes.

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