Blackcurrant Nutrition Facts and 5 Health Benefits

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About Blackcurrant – The Sweet Delight! The small, edible berry of the blackcurrant shrub, blackcurrant, is a beautiful glossy purple-colored fruit embellished on bright green leaves and is not only pleasing to the eyes but also pleasing to our internal body system. As compared to red currants, This minuscule fruit is also a wakeup call for the sense of smell, characterized by a rather strong yet sweet fragrance!


The seeds of this round-shaped fruit speckled in a sweet to sour-tasting flesh also carry a dosage of nutrients that can be therapeutic in many respects. This little berry is famous in Europe and Asia and is bursting with healthy nutrients.

The beauty of the fruit is not only limited to its aesthetics but goes beyond that and towards its versatility. Enjoy this delicious berry raw, in the form of black currant juice or jam, black currant tea or enjoy it in a black currant recipe altogether! This lovely deep purple fruit can be consumed in an expansive number of ways!

Blackcurrant Nutritional Information

The plethora of nutrients carried by this small little berry can prove to be beneficial to the health extensively! It is fair to say; weight by weight, the fruit has an abundance of Vitamin C, and more so than the perceived Vitamin C king orange! Blackcurrants amount to 302% per 100g of the daily required intake of vitamin C.

Moreover, the fruit consists of a substantial amount of iron, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin B5. The seeds consist of the valuable asset of omega 6 fatty acids which are feel-good acids, helping combat depression and anxiety!

Health Benefits Of Black Currant

1. For The Love Of Antioxidants

Blackcurrants consist of an abundance of vitamin C which is one of the most efficient antioxidants discovered! The first task on the to-do list of vitamin C is to prevent cell damage and encourage cell regeneration. Vitamin C helps cleanse our body of the toxic chemical and pollutants pertaining to aging, heart diseases, cancers, and inflammation. Moreover, Vitamin C helps prevent our body against free radical damage and keeps viral and infectious diseases at an arm’s length!

2. Rich In Iron!

A cup of blackcurrants is said to provide around 10% of the required daily amount of iron. Iron helps in the functioning of physiological processes such as transporting oxygen to the cells, which assists in reducing fatigue and feeling of tiredness. A deficiency of iron can lead to anemia which can pose to be very common in women due to menstruation! Women, load up on this delicious berry to ensure happy health! 100 grams of blackcurrants consist of only 63 calories, low in fat and cholesterol-free!

3. High In Potassium!

This fruity delight is rich in potassium and its potassium content can be compared to that of a small banana. Potassium is an essential mineral promoting good and hearty heart health! Potassium is an important component required by our cells and in our body fluid that helps stabilize the heart rate and blood pressure by counterbalancing effects of sodium

4. For Dementia Prevention

Dementia is essentially a loss of brain function that occurs due to certain diseases. Blackcurrants as per research are documented to be consistent of certain antioxidants that act as a strong shield against dementia and can help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease!

To Breathe Easy – Asthma Relief!

Research has shown for blackcurrants to comprise of certain antioxidants that reduce the incidence of asthma-related allergy attacks very effectively.

The Happy Berry!

This succulent royal purple berry has the effect of turning a rather dull day into an ecstatic one! How you may ask? Well, this happy berry consists of ‘monoamine oxidase inhibitor’ which helps alleviate depression and disregard stress, helping relax the mind!

Cardio Health!

Blackcurrants consist of an antioxidant namely, ‘gamma-linoleic acid’ which helps in promoting cardiovascular health. Certain clinical researches have displayed results whereby this particular antioxidant coupled with omega 3 fatty acids has helped improve blood pressure levels.

Omega 6 And A Younger You!

This minuscule fruity wonder consists of omega 6 fatty acids which is useful in preventing premature aging and wrinkle formation! It helps you maintain that tight, younger, radiant skin and also has the added health benefit of treating eczema. Moreover, this particular acid may also be useful in preventing liver toxicity and withdrawal symptoms pertaining to alcohol!


The black currant seed oil consists of certain antioxidants that are highly efficient when it comes to treating inflammatory conditions such as of arthritis, gout, joint pain, etc. They are beneficial enough in this regard, that arthritis sufferers need not take the number of medicines they otherwise usually do if they just pop in a substantial dose of these tasty berries!

Therapeutic Gains!

Since ancient times black currant leaves have been infamous for treating wounds and insect bites when applied directly!

Black Currant Dried Leaves!

The blackcurrants dried leaves are considered to be highly effective in treating sore throats, coughs, cold, disinfecting urine, treating bladder flow and other benefits related to the renal system!

Possible Ways To Enjoy Black Currant

The versatility of this delicious berry can be enjoyed in a number of ways, be it in the form of a black currant sauce, a black currant jam, black currant juice, black currant tea, or in a pie!
A favorite to kids and adults alike has to be a blackcurrant sauce generously drizzled over a steaming hot batch of pancakes or toasts!

Blackcurrants are a delight to have in its raw form too, but popping a few blackcurrants in your morning bowl of cereal not only adds a different taste to your breakfast but also gives you a wholesome morning meal, jam-packed with nourishment and energy boosts!

Another way to enjoy this yummy fruit is by making jam out of it! Or a cold glass of a berrylicious smoothie to beat the heat in the best possible nutritious way!

Possible Health Concerns

The gamma-linoleic acid found in blackcurrant can occasionally alter blood pressure. Those individuals who have high blood pressure issues should consume fruit cautiously! Also, those individuals who are on blood thinners should avoid blackcurrants, along with those individuals who are on vitamin C supplements. However, substituting vitamin C supplements by blackcurrants would be a wiser choice as they are a natural and hence, safer source.