BlackBerry Nutrition Facts

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About BlackBerry – Dessert of the Healthy

Blackberry Fruit

Covered in a smooth shiny surface this little succulent fruit has become increasingly popular for its high antioxidant properties. Red and hard when immature blackberries turn black or dark purple when they ripen. Consisting of many small drupelets the blackberry grows as an “aggregate fruit.” The drupelets provide extra layering for the fruit contributing to its nutritional value by adding to its dietary fiber content.

Blackberries arose in popularity a few years ago when the importance of antioxidants was highlighted as public news. Blackberries are a member of the striking rose family and have claimed their fame in the culinary industry due to their image as an exotic fruit.

Rich in nutrients blackberries are cultivated in the wild under temperate conditions. The state of Oregon in the United States of America is the leading producer of blackberry in the world.
Addictive raw wine-like flavor blackberries is a favorite ingredient in desserts be it jams, jellies, pies or crumbles. 

BlackBerry – Nutritional Information

1 cup or 144 grams of blackberries contains 50% vitamin C, 9% folate, 6% iron and 4% calcium and an impressive 36% of vitamin K. An Excellent variety for weight watchers 1 cup of blackberries contains as little as 60 calories and less than 1% fat!

Health Benefits of BlackBerries

Luscious to taste, low in fat and free of cholesterol blackberries are crammed with high fibrous content. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins blackberries boast numerous health benefits:

Radiant Glowing Skin!

Rich in antioxidants blackberries helps fight free radicals in our system. Free Radicals are one of the primary causes of skin aging. Furthermore packed with vitamins A and C they keep the skin well hydrated causing a natural glow.

Fights Cancer!

Excellent for smokers blackberries are known to lessen the risk of esophageal cancer! Additionally, blackberries may be a handy weapon against free radical damage which causes numerous diseases in addition to cancer.

Immunity Booster

Loaded with Vitamin C, Blackberries are excellent sources to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C is also known to prevent cold and flu and hence is an excellent health source for children.

Lowers Cholesterol!

In today’s world where junk food has become a norm, high cholesterol levels are posing a threat not only in adults but also teenagers. High cholesterol levels trigger many known cardiovascular diseases and other health deterrents. Blackberries contain Pectin and soluble fiber both of which aid in lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

Healthy Heart!

Lowering cholesterol levels is not the only benefit blackberries provide to your heart. Its high magnesium content relaxes blood vessels and arteries allowing a smooth flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart, therefore diminishing the risk of a heart attack or cardiovascular arrest.

Relief From The Painful Gout!

The excessive upsurge of Uric Acid in the blood stream may not only result in kidney stones but can also result in an inflammation of the joints resulting in painful swellings. Vitamin C in blackberries is known to reduce uric acid levels.

Aids in Digestion!

Since blackberries contain high contents of fiber – both soluble and insoluble – it helps in adding mass to the stool allowing a more regular flow and as a result preventing indigestion.

Possible Ways To Enjoy Blackberries

Add it to your cereal or spread it over your pancakes blackberries will not only turn your breakfast into an appetizing scrumptious meal but will keep you fresh and going throughout the day. Looking to make an exotic dessert for guests – without burning a hole in your pocket – a black berry pie with whipped cream is a divine combination and will leave your guests gaping for more! And how can we not but mention the blackberry cobbler always a health delightful treat for the young ones!!