15 Things Need To Know Before Travel which Are Illegal in Foreign Countries

We all know that things like theft, assault and dealing drugs are obviously illegal but how about the common things that we all probably do in our day to day lives that are actually illegal, in other countries. From the strange and shocking to the laws that are the very definition of discrimination, these illegal activities might just leave you a little confused.

1. Selling gum is Illegal in Singapore
2.  Homosexuality is Illegal in Pakistan, Somalia and the United Arab Emirates (among others)
3. Killing a cow and eating the meat is illegal in Nepal
4. It is illegal Not carrying a passport in Japan, Russia and China
5. Drinking alcohol is illegal in India, Sudan or the UAE
6. Abortion is illegal in El Salvador, The Vatican, Chile, Malta, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua
7. Connecting to someone else’s Wifi is illegal in Singapore
8. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is illegal in Malaysia or Pakistan
9. Dancing in public is illegal in Kuwait, Iran and India
10. Sex outside of marriage is illegal in Iran, Saudi Arabia and The Philippines
11. Ketchup is banned in France
12. Kissing is illegal in public in the UAE, Iran and Pakistan
13. Stopping on the motorway is illegal in Germany
14. Eating pork in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, The Maldives, Kuwait and Oman
15. Eating in public during Ramadan, The United Arab Emirates


1. Selling gum is Illegal in Singapore

While it isn’t as illegal to chew the gum as it is to sell it, if you’re caught selling even a stick of bubble gum in this South East Asian country you’re looking at a fine of up to $100,000. Although this law might seem a little odd to most people, if you’ve ever been to Singapore you’ll understand why their streets are clean enough lick, there’s no gum!