Zee World – Twist Of Fate Weekly Teasers June 2017

Friday 02 June 2017
Episode 195

Bulbul is starting to worry that Sarla’s health is getting affected by her worrying about Pragya. How will she deal with this?

Monday 05 June 2017
Episode 196

Abhi resorts to extreme measures to get Pragya vulnerable but matters get out of hand. Pragya suggests that Aliya and Nekhil get married.

Tuesday 06 June 2017
Episode 197

Aliya advices Nekhil to agree to the wedding proposal. Nekhil plays mind games with Tanu, how long can Tanu keep this big secret away from Abhi.

Wednesday 07 June 2017
Episode 198

Bulbul and Purab spot Nekhil and Tanu together at a restaurant. Ones again, Aliya helps get them out of a sticky situation.