Zee World: Fire & Ice Teasers April 2018

Saturday 21 April 2018
Episode 63

Mahi gets accepted into the family. Mahi reveals that she can’t get married, because she is already married. The real question is, who is the man Mahi is married to?

Sunday 22 April 2018
Episode 64

Twinkle corners Yuvraj and he confesses to what his real intentions are. Kunj tells Twinkle that she is not alone and that he trusts her completely. Kunj sees that Twinkle is upset and he makes it his mission to bring her smile back.

Monday 23 April 2018
Episode 65

Anita confesses to burning the photos and adding the dried fruit to the porridge. Anita and Twinkle join hands to try break the alliance between Yuvraj and Mahi. Is Twinkle making the right decision to trust Anita Luthra?