Zee World: Fire & Ice Teasers April 2018

The doctor calls Twinkle to make her aware that Kunj has anemia. Anita and Yuvraj formulate a plan to get him out of prison. Twinkle finds out that Kunj’s blood group is very rare to find.

Sunday 20 May 2018
Episode 92

Kunj tries to save Bebe from falling and in return, he gets injured badly. Twinkle is eager to meet Kunj’s blood donor – little does she know that it was actually Yuvraj. Will Twinkle accept the blood from Yuvi?

Monday 21 May 2018
Episode 93

Leela tells Twinkle, Anita and Yuvraj that she found another donor for Kunj. Anita does everything in her power to find out who the new donor is. Yuvraj takes full advantage of Twinkle’s helplessness by getting himself released.