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The near future of tourism is the Internet. Every year, the number of countries issuing visas online is growing, and modern tourists prefer e-visa (Electronic Visa) and ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) in their travels. Taking care of the comfort of your travel, Natvisa improves and simplifies the online visa application with the help of modern technologies. You no longer need to worry about the deadlines for submitting a visa permit, bother yourself with travel to another city to the Visa Center, and waiting in endless queues at the Embassy. Our website contains the most necessary and always up-to-date information about visas to different countries. On there is everything for your comfortable journey. You can apply for an e-visa directly through our website in just a few minutes, and our experienced online experts are always ready to help you with any travel issues.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations

The most popular tourist destinations in recent years include such countries as:

– Australia.

Australia has everything: magnificent snow-capped mountain peaks, pristine beaches, and vast desert lands, delicious food, beautiful architecture, and the good-natured and hospitable Australian people.

– Canada.

As the second-largest country in the world, Canada is replete with scenic landscapes and unique places to delight travelers. Throughout the country, there are lively, rich cultural heritage cities, surrounded by incredible natural beauty.

– Egypt.

In Egypt, a huge number of monuments of ancient civilizations have been preserved. Many tourists go to Egypt in order to see the legendary pyramids – the only wonder of the Ancient World, which has survived to this day in almost unchanged form.

– Mexico.

Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world in recent years. The attraction of Mexico for tourists is due to a combination of many factors: a unique culture, including national festivals, cities with architecture from the time of Spanish colonial rule, the ruins of ancient Indian cities, and a favorable climate.