Why us Dubai an entrepreneur’s dreamland?

Dubai is an established urbanite city. From being a small-time trade and marine unit to becoming an entrepreneur’s dreamland – the growth of Dubai has been rapid. Today, Dubai is known as the commercial hub of UAE, but how did this happen? What encouraged the transformation?  How did Dubai become an entrepreneur’s dreamland?  There are a lot of reasons that makes Dubai an entrepreneur’s dreamland. However, we have listed the top reasons that make Dubai an entrepreneur’s dreamland.

Foreign Direct Investment

As reported, foreign direct investments in the UAE expected to rise by 20% in 2019. The UAE government’s new foreign direct investment (FDI), law passed in 2018 will fast-track investment by up to 20% this year, from the 8% average growth rate, as per the recent evaluations made by the Ministry of Economy.

Diversified Business 

Dubai unlike its counter parts, soon realized that the overflowing oil wealth will at some point reach to its limit, thus the city of gold designed a new futuristic business module. The diversification module was brought together through the increase in the number of individuals equipped with resources, knowledge and skill. However, the most important and positively surreptitious factor of this are the business setup consultants in Dubai. Governmental Support  The Dubai Government provides the various subsidies and benefits to support business, especially at the initial stages – which has even encouraged startup companies and SMEs to setup their business in the UAE. The Dubai Government also makes the entire process of licensing and company registration in Dubai easy and cost effective.

Dynamic Revenue Streams

Dubai revenue channels are dynamic and offer lucrative business opportunities that makes Dubai an entrepreneur’s dreamland. Such a dynamic environment gives recurrent prospects to all businesses in Dubai to thrive and grow. These dynamic revenue streams also provide new commercial goals, defined routes and expansion ideas.