Why Make the Shift to Stand Up Pouches?

Shift to Stand Up Pouches
The products that we buy every day in the grocery stores come in various packaging. The most common packages are in cartons, bottles, glass jars, or in metal tins. This has been the choice of the most consumer for the past years. However, the arrival of the custom stand up pouches as a packaging material has become more and more popular as the years go by. Even though they came in late as against those aforementioned packaging items. The stand-up pouches have been receiving a favorable response when it comes to consumer’s choice as to item packaging, especially with those which have re-sealable lids. Not only do consumers no longer find the need to transfer the product into another container, but these stand-up pouches are also economical and do not consume much storage space in your own home. Those cheap plastic bags and cardboard boxes may be easy to tear and break, the stand-up pouches, on the other hand, are made from hard-wearing, puncture-resistant layers of laminated film. This type of packaging structure provides for an extended product shelf life and guarantees the freshness of the product from moisture, oxygen, odor, ultraviolet light, and other micro bacteria from the manufacturer to retail store and ultimately to the consumers. Alongside movements and commitments to the greener environment, these stand up pouches are made out of recyclable materials, and require lesser fuel in transporting these items because they are lightweight and are landfill friendly. Below are some of the advantages why custom stand-up pouches are better:

1. Cost savings in storage and transportation

Because stand up pouches are flat, storage is not much of an issue because you can pile up a lot of stand up pouches with minimum floor area consumed. This helps your business save up on inventory costs. And because of its structure also, transportation of these packaging items will also be going to be cost effective because you can ship out a lot of pouches in a single packing list.