Barx Buddy Review: Why Dog Owners Love Barx Buddy?

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Dogs are dubbed as “man’s best friend” because they are loyal companions. Your furry friend is naughty and playful at times that makes them lovable and cute! When a dog a happy and excited, you’ll hear barks. 

That’s nice and often shows the dog’s affection and love for the dog owner. But what If a dog’s barking became too much? No doubt – you’ll get annoyed and stressed. 

Why? Your neighbors aren’t going to love the noise coming from your dog. But thanks to the evolving and creative innovations, you wouldn’t experience sleepless nights anymore! Ultrasonic devices such as Barx Buddy is the solution to stop barking dogs.

What Is It? 

Barx Buddy is a reliable and efficient ultrasonic device that has high pitch frequencies. These frequencies are inaudible to cats and humans but are audible to dogs. If you remember the old days, dog owners and trainers use pet whistles. Well, Barx Buddy is like that but only more refined and efficient. 

Unlike the dog whistle, Barx Buddy controls a dog’s behavior instantly. Relax because there’s no magic or sorcery behind this. The secret is the high frequency of the device. Since dogs hear the sound, barking stops suddenly. 

The dog’s attention is driven to the sound of the device. That’s why your loyal companion stops barking. (Finally, the secret is revealed!) 

Key Features 

The product features make BarxBuddy a must-have by dog owners and trainers. I’m surprised that these features are inside a portable and lightweight device. Each feature makes Barx Buddy an effective and excellent device you can use for your dog. 

LED light is one feature you can’t miss to use when you’re using Barx Buddy.  The LED light acts as a flashlight, too, that allows you and your dog to have a safe and casual walk during the evening. For example, use the flashlight to control your dog’s behavior while you have a light on the dark street corners. 

Barx Buddy has a safe and harmless feature for dogs and humans. The product is designed to follow safety requirements that make Barx Buddy animal-friendly. 

Also, the high pitch frequency or ultrasonic sound allows any dog trainer or owner to influence the dog’s behavior. You can release the sound by pointing the device on the dog, and you turn on the switch. (You see, the operation is simple and easy. Even beginners in dog training can use the device.) 

I love the usefulness and portability of Barx Buddy. The ultrasonic device is handy and easy to use. You wouldn’t see complicated buttons on the device. Press the main switch, and you can correct your pet’s behavior. 

Keep in Mind: 

  • LED light is used as a flashlight 
  • Has an excellent range of 50 feet to 15 meters 
  • Has an ultrasonic transmitter that emits 130dB
  • Device dimension: 5.3 X 1.5 X 80 inches

How to Use Barx Buddy? 

Any dog trainer wouldn’t have trouble using Barx Buddy. Read the simple and clear instructions below, and you can stop your barking dog in no time. 

  1. Turn on the Barx Buddy device and then select from the two modes, such as Positive and Negative
  2. Aim or point the device on your dog then press the switch. Note: Make sure that your pet is within 15 meters range to get a favorable result.) 

Once you press the ultrasonic button, the device releases the ultrasonic sound. 

I mentioned earlier that the LED light of the device could also be used as a flashlight. The light can even restrain the pet virtually. Hence, you can still correct your dog’s behavior even at night. 

Remember: Use Barx Buddy each time you observe your pet is showing bad habits. (Barking is one example.) But DO this ONLY if the dog is out of control. The purpose of doing this is to train your four-legged friend not to do bad behaviors. 

How Barx Buddy Stops Dogs from Barking? 

An excellent thing about Barx Buddy is it’s a non-violent and non-invasive method of training pets. The reason behind it is you can choose from the positive and negative nodes that influence dog behavior. 

You’ll agree that Barx Buddy is a big help to dog owners and trainers because the device doesn’t harm a dog. The sound coming out from the device isn’t overbearing, so that it wouldn’t damage the dog’s ears. Barx Buddy attracts the attention of your dog. Thus, it’s easy for you to correct and control the dog’s bad behavior. 

Use Barx Buddy when your dog isn’t behaving naturally. For example: 

  • Your dog is showing barking problems 
  • The dog charges at people 
  • The dog destroys your loan or property 

Keep in mind: Stop the ultrasonic device if the dog shifts into good behavior. Don’t forget to give your pet a pat, a treat, or say great things about him. The dog becomes more affectionate and loving to you when you say compliments. 


  • Easy and fast operation 
  • Has a LED light 
  • Works on most dog breeds 


  • High price
  • Not that durable


Does Barx Buddy Work? 

Yes, Barx Buddy works not only on selected dogs but also to all dog breeds. That’s one of the reasons why the device is so popular among dog owners and trainers. 

Is Barx Buddy violent or harmful to your pet? 

No, Barx Buddy isn’t violent and doesn’t have bad effects on your dog. Also, the noise from the device isn’t overbearing and wouldn’t hurt your dog.  

Does Barx Buddy have additional products? 

People often know Barx Buddy as the main product inside the box. But there are other products offered for customers as well. You can also see a safety siren and a brush along with the device. Both additional products prove helpful to dog owners in training their dogs. 

Final Verdict

Dog owners and trainers don’t need another device to train their dogs. The simple but impressive functions of Barx Buddy is proof that the device goes beyond consumer expectations. Barx Buddy is lightweight and portable, which makes this device reliable and efficient.