What To Look For In A Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designer

Are you on the search for someone who can create an eye-popping logo and help with marketing materials for your Canadian business? Need someone who knows the latest trends and colour schemes? Sounds like you need a graphic designer. There are different graphic designers; some might have the skills you need, while others won’t. 

To help you find the right person, here is a list of what to look for in a graphic designer:

1. Experience

While new designers will be willing to do things for less compensation, experienced graphic designers can use their knowledge and skills to do much more. For instance, if you meet with someone less experienced, they may not be able to comprehend what you are asking of them, especially if you only have an abstract idea of what you want in mind. When graphic designer has worked with multiple clients, they get a feel for requests and can better translate that into their work. 

2. Portfolio

The graphic designer’s portfolio as an influential gauge of ability and creativity. There are hundreds of graphic designers in Canada, but only a handful will have the style you seek and the means to do it. The portfolio is a window to their capabilities. 

You shouldn’t rely solely on portfolios, though. If you are working with an agency that has a large group of Canadian graphic designers or freelancers on board, you should contact the ones whose works resonate the most with you and then ask what inspired them to compose the projects in such a way. If their work style complements your aesthetic, it’s a recipe for satisfaction. 

3. Qualities and Skills

What is the project you have in mind? Do you need a logo for your website? Promotional material for an ebook? A t-shirt design for an event? Signs? Banners? An event flyer? There are plenty of well-rounded graphic designers in Canada to help you, but some designers have particular skills. Some excel at logo art. Others do better with designs that will appear in print, such as business cards and posters. You will want to hire a specialist if you have a particular need. 

To do this, consider asking graphic designers about their passions and skills. This will help you figure out who is going not only to enjoy working for you the most but who is going to be the most adept. 

4. Creativity

Want to narrow your field of graphic designers while getting a feel for their creativity? Hire the candidates for several small tasks first. Give them simple touch-up projects for your online photos or have them create a Creative Logo Design for your business. Tasks don’t have to be challenging to showcase talent.

Remember, you will need to pay them. So make sure you can get something out of it while forming a decent working relationship with the candidates. 

5. Personality

Lastly, you must understand who you are working with to ensure compatibility. Since the graphic designer will be making the imagery for your business or event, you need someone who understands what you are talking about and what your target audience will be positively influenced by. Get a feel of their personality by requesting a short phone interview or video chat, so you can discuss your ideas and listen to their stories or past experiences.


The most significant part of hiring a graphic designer in Canada is finding someone with more than a specific skill—they need to be creative and inspired. Remember, not everything comes down to the resume and portfolio. Discuss your ideas and see who is most compatible. Do that, and you will have beautiful materials every single time.