What to Do About Intestinal Parasites?

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The unhygienic food or environment can result in the invasion of intestinal parasites, and a proper cleansing routine is essential to stay secure.

Intestinal Parasites
Intestinal Parasites

General Overview

A parasite is characterized as an organism that requires a host to survive. It invades the subject and gets its food from there. There are several parasites that attack the human intestine and can either be protozoans (single-cell organisms) or helminths (worms and larvae).

The attack usually happens when the person is not careful of the environment or the diet. Although it occurs mostly in children, adults are likely to get attacked by parasites too. They reside inside the stomach or intestinal linings and cause numerous complications.

The diagnosis of intestinal parasites is easy and can be done at home. The main problem lies in its cure and prevention in future. When treating the parasitic invasion, a natural approach is beneficial in a way that it has lower chances of side effects and shows promising results. However, if a natural remedy is not effective or there is a chance of allergy, a good parasite cleanse routine is available to perform. There are multiple choices for parasitic cleanse formulas, but one should try a trusted and reliable parasite cleanse containing natural elements.

Causes Of Parasite Invasion

The most basic cause for a parasitic invasion is the ingestion of contaminated food or water. Children are more susceptible to parasitic attack because of their unhealthy playing environments, like soils and gardens, and poor hygienic routines. However, it affects adults also. 

Some other causes leading to the parasitic attack are getting in contact with contaminated faeces, poor sanitation, weak immune system and international travelling.


Symptoms related to parasites are common and can be easily felt at home. However, these symptoms may vary based on the type of parasite, and more knowledge can be gained by reading this detailed guide

Some symptoms of intestinal parasites attack are mentioned below:

  • Gas in stomach
  • Gastrointestinal complications
  • Rashes around the anal area
  • Weight loss
  • Presence of Worm in stool
  1. Severe Abdominal Pain

Parasites are believed to cause abdominal pain because they reside in a single organ or spread to multiple organs. Upon invasion or after some time, the parasite may lead to a cyst formation, resulting in rupture, severe infection, or a mass effect. Further diagnosis may reveal the attacking pathogen and the affected area.

  1. Diarrhea

Mostly the protozoan parasites, including Giardia, are linked with causing diarrhoea in humans. This complication is also referred to as dysentery, diarrhoea linked to parasitic infection causing blood and mucus to be passed with stool. It can also cause rashes around the anal area.

  1. Chronic Fatigue

Since the parasite resides inside the stomach and intestine, it collects its nutrition from there as well. This can interrupt the intestinal flora, causing a lack of nutrition and resulting in fatigue. Some parasites also feed upon RBCs which may lead to anaemia.

  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is a gastrointestinal disorder, causing cramps, swelling of the stomach and changes in bowel movements. It most commonly occurs from protozoans emitting from contaminated soil.

Treatment Of Intestinal Worms

The treatment of intestinal worms is not complicated and can be performed at home. In addition, many supplements are available in the market to deworm, and natural remedies are also effective in not so severe cases. 

Some people are allergic to some natural elements and can avoid the use of such remedies. To test the sensitivity, use the remedy or compound on a small patch of skin, wait for a few hours and examine the site for any reactions. If no side effects are seen, it is safe to use it as per the advice.

Approaching a natural remedy or a natural parasite cleanse formula may help treat such ailments and prevention against future infections.

Natural Remedies

Following are the few naturally available remedies which show significant results in deworming.

Garlic – contains several antiparasitic compounds known to kill parasites and further inhibits the formation of amoebas or eggs. Garlic can be used by mixing the diced or chopped cloves in food or by sprinkling over it. It can also be consumed on its own.

Papaya Seeds – are beneficial in treating intestinal parasites, especially worms, without major side effects. Papaya seeds can be crushed to powder and used as a dressing for consumption. However, not more than one teaspoon of papaya seeds should be used daily.

Wormwood – containing powerful antioxidant abilities and other valuable compounds effective for killing intestinal worms. Wormwood can be easily consumed in the form of tea.


Include – herbs such as ginger and oregano, coconut oil, probiotic-rich food (like yoghurt), and fresh vegetables as they are rich in fibre.

Exclude – Added sugar (nutrition for parasites), processed food (hard to break down), alcohol (weakens the immune system) and pork (probably contaminated with parasites).

Performing a Parasite Cleanse

Parasite cleanse routine refers to the use of diet, supplements, or a detoxification product to remove parasites from the body. It is not rocket science and can be easily included in the routine. 

Avoiding specific foods, such as pork, processed food, and greasy food, can prevent the development of intestinal worms. And including more healthy immune-boosting compounds in the diet such as garlic, ginger, prebiotics and probiotics, can deworm an already infected gastrointestinal area.

Sometimes the person is advised to follow only a limited single diet for a period of time or include more antioxidants in the diet.


Intestinal parasites, although not very dangerous, can cause irritating complications. Properly following a sanitation habit and strictly instructing children to do so as well can limit the attack of pathogens. Always looking for any possible contaminating property in food or water can also help in the long term. Some basic habits like taking precautionary measures in unhealthy environments, eating nutritious food to keep the immune system strong, and keeping the body clean and sanitised can lead to a happy, healthy and prosperous life.