What Can We Learn From The Hunger Games?

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the hunger games

The Hunger Games series is one of the best known movie series of all time and has launched the careers of Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, etc. The series was a box office success raking in almost $3 billion in worldwide collections.

However, this movie series is not just important for its popularity or box office collections, there are some significant life lessons too. The Hunger Games series is about survival, sacrifice, trust, and being aware of the world is not just black and white. If you want to try to make decisions like the characters in The Hunger Games try out a Hunger Games Simulator. It’s a fun game you can play with family and friends. Meanwhile, here are the 7 important lessons people can learn from the series.

What Can We Learn from the Hunger Games Series?

1. People are the Products of Their Society and Environment

People are often are the products of their society and surroundings they grow up in. This means sadists like Enobaria and Cato should be forgiven and sympathized. They are just trying to survive in this world just like Katniss.

People like them enjoy killing and suffering only because of the horrible conditions under which they live.

2. Don’t Always Judge People Based on Their Initial Appearance

Effie may look like air-headed and egoistical initially, but as the story progresses, she shows herself as a loyal, caring friend and associate to Peeta and Katniss. Peeta may look like lying to have feelings for Katniss initially, but soon she figures out his feeling for her are genuine.

As the story goes on, Heavensbee, a game maker is also revealed as a rebel who is on Katniss’s side.

3. No One Can Survive on Their Own

Katniss can never survive the Games without help from Effie, Cinna, and Haymitch. Peeta also helps her to survive. Before the Games began, Gale helped Katniss provide food for both of their families.

As the Games progresses, Katniss needed help from more people to survive despite being independent.

4. Other People’s Opinion Matters

Most people tell themselves that they do not need to be liked or receive sympathy from others, but in the end, everyone needs that. Katniss needs to remain popular to get sponsors during the Games and has to be admired by the people of Panem to get them rebel against the capitol.

5. One Person Can Spark a Revolution

It often takes one person to spark a revolution or a change. In Hunger Games, Katniss is the face of the insurgence and has begun an era of change thanks to her actions. It is because of Katniss’ effort the resistance can put their plans into motion.

6. Even Heroes Have Flaws

No one is perfect and that also applies to the heroes. Katniss does not possess great people skills and is somewhat oblivious about love. She often acts before she thinks and does not have great acting skills. This is evident when she is trying to prepare rebel propaganda.

7. Everyone Needs Emotional Support

Everyone needs someone in life who can emotionally support them during a crisis. In Hunger Games, Katniss tries to look to strong and brave but soon realizes that she cannot survive emotionally all by herself and needs someone by her side to support her.

As the game progresses, she allows other people such as Peeta to come into her life.