WATCH: Devastating CCTV footage shows cold blooded shooting in Johannesburg (not for sensitive viewers)


CCTV footage has been shared by CICA Crime Intel showing a woman being shot in cold blood in Johannesburg.

Female victim murdered in Johannesburg.

These are some of the comments made on social media about the CCTV footage.

“This is an inside job. When she walked out the guy at top of stairs came out then when back in when he saw she’s still there. Then came the car shooting at her. The guy at the top stairs just walked away with a bag probably money. Then you see the big truck start moving away as if he was blocking or trying to hide this murder with the truck. But one guy still is in there even after the shooting and after the one walked away. In my opinion they all work for the same company coz they are all wearing the same reflector jacket even the shooter. The truck driver could be also working there. Motive is probably money.”