Updates – Coronavirus in Iran

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Coronavirus in Iran currently at 6,566 total cases with +743 new cases, with 194 deaths .

Coronavirus in Iran – Iran, also called Persia, and officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in Western Asia. With 83 million inhabitants, Iran is the world’s 18th most populous country. Its territory spans 1,648,195 km², making it the second largest country in the Middle East and the 17th largest in the world.

A Full list of COVID-19 Coronavirus (Cases, Deaths & Recovered)

Coronavirus Timeline in Iran

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07 March 2020

 743 new cases and 49 new deaths in Iran [source] [source]

07 March 2020

 1,076 new cases and 21 new deaths in Iran [source]

06 March 2020

 1,234 new cases and 16 new deaths in Iran [source]

05 March 2020

1 new death in Iran today is of a senior Iranian politician, Hossein Sheikholeslam, Iran’s former ambassador to Syria and former advisor to current Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. He was 67 years old [source]

591 new cases and 15 new deaths in Iran

04 March 2020

586 new cases, 15 new deaths, and 117 new recoveries in Iran [source]

03 March 2020

835 new cases, 11 new deaths, and 144 new recoveries in Iran [source]

02 March 2020

523 new cases and 12 new deaths in Iran, Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi said in an announcement on state TV. [source]

01 March 2020

385 new cases and 11 new deaths in Iran [source]

Incoming travel from Iran to Australia is banned starting Sunday. Appropriate level of travel advisory to Italy is being considered. But “it’s not possible to further isolate Australia,” said Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy, adding that the focus should be on detection and containment instead. [source]

29 February 2020

USA Travel from Iran banned

28 February 2020

 143 new cases and 8 deaths in Iran [source]- Iran’s former ambassador to the Vatican, Hadi Khosroshahi, has died of coronavirus: he was 80 years-old and had a pre exisiting condition.

27 February 2020

106 new cases and 7 new deaths in Iran.

26 February 2020

44 new cases and 3 new deaths in Iran. [source] [source]
– Epicenter of the outbreak is the central city of Qom.
– Schools and cultural institutions closed for a week in over 10 provinces as of Tuesday Feb. 25 in order to “prepare schools” which have to be disinfected and sanitized.
– More than 1750 tests performed.
– Iran’s Deputy Health Minister falls ill with coronavirus (video).
– Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiyee cautioned yesterday that “those regional states which have kept the number of their coronavirus-infected patients confidential will be bombarded by media reports about their conditions in the next few days.”

24 February 2020

4 new deaths and 18 new cases (3 retracted) in Iran. Claim of 50 deaths rejected by Health Ministry [source]

– Iranian officials said that people who illegally entered Iran from Pakistan, Afghanistan and China were the source of the outbreak.

– CanadaLebanon, and today also Kuwait, Oman, and Iraq, have all confirmed cases of travelers from Iran.

– Daily sanitization of Tehran’s metro and public transportation implemented.

– Schools closed in at least 10 provinces. University classes suspended.

– Attendance at soccer matchesmovie theaters, and other public venues suspended.

23 February 2020

2 new deaths and 14 new cases in Iran. [source]

22 February 2020

2 new deaths and 11 new cases in Iran.

21 February 2020

2 new deaths and 13 new cases in Iran: 7 in Qom, 4 in Tehran, and 2 in Rasht.

20 February 2020

3 new cases in Iran: two in Qom and one in Arak. All three patients are Iranian nationals. (The Islamic Republic News Agency).

19 February 2020

 2 deaths in Iran only hours after announcing the first two cases in the country (The Islamic Republic News Agency).

2 new cases in Iran “two cases of the new coronavirus in the city of Qom,” confirmed the Government of Iran spokeman Ali Rabiei.