Ultimate Checklist of Common Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Fitness

You might be surprised at seeing some people work out because somehow you may realize that fitness to them means a great deal more than it does to you. Where you might always be putting off your exercise routine or taking out time for yourself, you might see these people specially taking out time to exercise and work. Where you might not be able to control yourself upon seeing something delicious yet harmful to your fitness, you will see these people always maintaining a proper diet. Where you might feel getting up at 6 in the morning is a very difficult task, you will see these people up and working out at 6 every day including Sundays.

Doing Something is Better Than Doing Nothing:

You might even wonder, when you see these people how they motivate themselves to keep on going, but you have to understand that health is wealth and no matter how much you try to deny it, your fitness will make a whole lot of different when you are not as young as you are now. But, honestly, if you were to quit some habits that are a cause for your deteriorating fitness, you could do at least something, which is better than doing nothing.

The Checklist:

So, if you need to correct the habits, you need to have a checklist of habits that you need to cut out of your life so that you may retain your fitness. Who knows, once you cut out on these habits you might even find time to engage more actively in the pursuit of your health and fitness. Therefore, you should work on these habits and try to kill them as soon as possible:

1. Smoking:

Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer but that is not the only adverse effect of smoking. Smoking introduces a plethora of different inconveniences in your life that impact not only your fitness, but your overall health too. Moreover, you might not value your health and may engage in smoking but the fact that smoking impacts people around you as well, is as disturbing as it can get. A typical cigarette can release more than 7000 harmful chemical compounds in the air that can affect your health and anyone around you.

But, since we are talking about fitness here, let’s restrict the argument to fitness only. Smoking causes tar to deposit itself in your lungs while the smoke also blocks your lungs. This hinders your breathing and your stamina. So, if you were a fit person with lots of stamina when you started smoking, soon enough you will have not a lot of stamina left.

2. Over Dependence on Vehicles:

Back when vehicles were not as common, people preferred to walk to get their work done instead of getting a horse cart every now and then. This meant that they were accustomed to walking and had the strength to keep on for long journeys. With the advent of cars and bikes, however, the picture has drastically changed. Given the ease of driving your car or riding your bike, people now rely entirely on vehicles to get around. In fact, people go to their gyms, for their fitness, on their car even if it is in the same neighborhood and the irony is, once they get inside the gym, the first machine that they run to is the treadmill. So, this over dependence on vehicles is making people lazier and contributing towards their deteriorating fitness.

If you feel that you are not the type of person that would like to walk on the road, you could at least invest in a bicycle. A bicycle not only helps you stay in shape, but also contributes to your stamina and overall health.

3. Junk Food:

Of course, it is easier to just order food and eat it than to stand in  front of the stove and make it yourself. Who has the time to learn recipes and cut up vegetables when you could just order a burger to kill your hunger. Well, what comes easy goes easy. Ordering burgers and pizzas for breakfast, lunch and dinner is one of the most common reasons for obesity all around the world. People are so lazy that they just do not care to make their own food.

Perhaps this would have been acceptable had we taken it upon ourselves to check what was inside the food that we order and consume every now and then. The junk food that the world is so crazy about contains lots and lots of oil and is not necessarily made from healthy ingredients. This poses a great threat to our hearts and then indirectly our fitness because really obesity is a serious problem and one that s undesirable no matter what people that preach “love yourself” say.