Types of Paper Notebooks

Paper Notebooks

Putting pen to paper isn’t as common these days, but this absolutely doesn’t mean that you should deter from the wonderful, calming experience of writing! We’re so used to clicking, typing and tapping, it can feel like the simple act of writing is antiquated, but if you’re looking to transform your creativity, organisation or thoughts – its time to get to it! Take the time each day to connect with your life and your thoughts, and you’re guaranteed to feel like new. If you’re looking at making the very wise choice to purchase a notebook, read on for a few different types of paper notebooks that will work for all kinds of occasions and functions:

Graphic Notebook

A graphic notebook is perfect for the avid drawer who always needs a creative outlet on hand! Graphic books are often blank with spines that enable the pages to lie flat, very handy for artists! You can find an array of art specific notebooks, or you can pick a model that’s unlined with high-quality paper for a similar effect. Your style choice should reflect your artistic sense, or, if you want to display your own work, why not find a graphic notebook with a Kraft cover? You can create your own front-page designs!

Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a bit of an art, and those who’ve undergone the process are all religiously committed to it. If you’re thinking of starting a bullet journal, you absolutely need the right notebook for the task. Just the same as with a graphic notebook, you’ll want to look for a book that’s either dotted or unlined. The bullet journal method does not involve ruled pages at all, so steer clear! Your journal is going to be your organisational resource for a while, so be sure to pick something that reflects your personal style!


A spiral-bound notebook is great for educational or casual settings. They’re incredibly handy because they enable you to have full mobility of the page. These are very accessible, useful and they often come lined making them great for notetaking in school or in lectures!

Moleskine, Classic  

You can never really go wrong with a Moleskine. This brand is famous for its simple yet luxurious notebooks, they’re useful, sturdy and the minimalist design looks stunning. Moleskine makes notebooks in a range of sizes for many uses, but their Classic range is probably their most notorious. Pick yourself up a pocket-sized Moleskine for your meetings and jottings at work!


Tabbed notebooks are fantastic for the organisational expert. The tabs naturally segment your pages up, meaning you can allocate any number of functions to each area of your book. Tabbed notebooks are often used for school or university because they enable you to carry a tonne of subjects around at once! If you need a bit of a one-stop-shop for all things order, get yourself a tabbed notebook.

Note Pad

Sometimes, you just need a pad of paper to live on your desk. Notebooks are amazing for travelling around or commuting with, but a notepad for your home or professional office is going to work just as well, if not better. A notepad lets you immediately identify what’s on for the day, or review yesterdays notes. People usually think of tiny pads, but you can find A4 and bigger notepads that’ll get your life in check stat.

These are just a few notebooks to explore when you’re shopping around for your perfect fit! Consider your lifestyle and your personal style to pick up the exact right book for you.