Types of Certificates That You Can Get Attested

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Types of Certificates

Today, you will need official documentation whenever you want to move, admit your child to school, have a partner live with you, and much more. There are thousands of people just like you that need to migrate to a new place for one reason or another, whether it’s for a new job, new opportunities, living closer to family, and more. If you have documentation, such as a marriage certificate, ID card, passports, etc. These are good credentials that you already have, so you won’t have to spend time to get them. But to make sure that your documents are legit, they need to be attested.

What Is the Definition of Attestation?

Attestation is a means to check the credibility of a document and considering it legal to use towards getting a license or certificate. An official declare a document legal when it is signed by whom it may concern. Often times, you will need your original documents as well as copies of them so that officials can approve your documents without writing on or marking your original up.

What Kinds of Documents Need to Be Attested?

There are one of many documents and certificates that you might need to be attested for whatever it is that you need to do. These certificates are as follows.

Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is required in order for you to do one of many things, such as live in a country, work at a job, enroll in school, live with a spouse or relative, among other things. Birth certificates are also crucial for obtaining a passport. Pursue a birth certificate attestation service if you have a birth certificate, but want it approved for use in a foreign country.

Educational Degree / Certificate

Your degree, as you may know, is what helps you prove to employers of your education history. Such an instance in which you will need to have your degree or certificate attested is if you are looking to start a job in a foreign country. Employers would like to know that your education is legitimate so that it is worth the trouble of moving you to the country for employment purposes.

Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is proof that you have married your spouse at an official, sanctioned ceremony, such as at a church or embassy by a pastor or other marriage official. Marriage certificates are necessary for you to be able to have your spouse live with you so that you are considered a family. There are a couple types of visas that grant your spouse the ability to do this, but for a permanent visa, he or she would have to find a job.

Medical Report

A medical report can also be attested with a doctor’s signature or note. Medical reports are necessary so that you can do things like work specific jobs, obtain insurance, and see a doctor in another country. Medical terminology is complex in of itself, so having it attested and translated is very important to speed up any process that you are in the middle of.

Power of Attorney Form

A power of attorney form is a special document that lets you appoint another person, such as a spouse or relative, or make decisions on your behalf, should you ever need to have another person making choices for you. With a power of attorney form, another person can be legally obligated to control finances, make business decisions, buy and sell property, and more. Why one would want a power of attorney form includes if the person often travels to different countries or get seriously ill and can no longer handle one own’s affairs.

Police Clearance Certificate

Oftentimes, a police certificate is necessary for living in a certain country. Many countries have strict immigration rules, and if some immigrants have an unfavorable criminal record, they will not be permitted to enter the country. If you have a clean police record, you will need to provide one where it is required. An attested police clearance certificate will mean that you have next to no charges against you and can live and work in the country as desired.

What If My Documents are In A Different Language?

If your documents are in another language from the country that you are trying to get into, they should be able to appoint a translator to translate all of your documents, but if not, you can use an attestation service to translate them so you have documents to share in a language that they can understand.