Truck LED Lights: 10 Facts Everyone Should Know

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From wheel and tire packages to LED headlights, the sheer number of truck replacement parts can be overwhelming. Venture away from OEM replacement parts and discover how you can enjoy improved performance on your truck with LED lighting. Here are the top 10 facts that everyone should know about Truck LED Lights.

Truck LED Lights
Truck LED Lights

1. LED Lighting Is Energy Efficient

Compared to traditional halogen bulbs, which waste 80% of their energy, LED lighting wastes only 20%. Improved energy efficiency helps you save money and enjoy less of a load on your alternator.

2. LED Is Cooler

Typical headlights generate a significant amount of heat. Hot light bulbs are not only less energy efficient, they can be uncomfortable or dangerous to work on. You’ll need to wait for your bulbs to cool down before replacing or inspecting them.

3. You’ll Enjoy Better Light Quality

LED lighting is vibrant, piercing and clear compared to halogens. Enjoy the best light quality for your investment to keep the road visible. A clear, white beam is far more effective than yellow or amber hues for low-light conditions.

4. They’re Safer to Use

Bright lighting allows LED headlight beams to project further in poor driving conditions. Fog, snow and rain can all dangerously block other headlight beams from illuminating the road or off-road trail.

5. LED Is an Excellent Investment

While the initial cost of LED is slightly higher than halogen bulbs, the extended performance and lifetime makes it a worthwhile investment. Over the lifetime of your truck, you’ll save money by choosing LED.

6. You Can Keep Your Lights on for Longer

With proper use and typical driving, you can expect your LED headlights to last up to 22 years. For most vehicles, this is a lifetime of driving. Your LEDoffroad lights can keep your truck powering through the mud and dirt at any time of day or night.

7. Installation Is Just as Easy

Most new technologies come with complicated instructions, adapters and unusual components that require specialized tools and techniques. LED lighting is just as easy to install as traditional headlights.

8. These Lights Are Low Maintenance

Replacing light bulbs is a time-consuming process. Pulling the bulb, fitting a new one and adjusting the beams on your headlights can all add up. Prevent repeating all these maintenance steps by switching to LED.

9. Many Truck LED Lights Come With a Great Warranty

Because of the long-lasting performance of LED, some brands offer a generous warranty on all your LED products. Enjoy reliable vision for years to come.

10. You’ll Enjoy Rugged Performance

Halogen bulbs are fragile and prone to shock and impact damage. Even before the end of their lifetime, halogen bulbs can become damaged and defective. LED lighting is more resistant to shock, making it a great option for off-roading.

Now that you’re ready to make the switch, it’s time to find the best deals on LED lighting. Look for off road shops near me or shop online to enjoy the best brands and excellent discounts. Invest in LED headlights today to enjoy a lifetime of commuting, hauling and adventuring with your favorite truck.