Top Nine Marketing Guidelines for Photographers

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  • You also need to blog consistently. Blogging can assist you in creating a personalized connection with your workpieces. Publish posts in your blog about the behind-the-photograph process to help your audience understand and appreciate your work more. It also eradicates the feel of a faceless and anonymous robot as the entity behind the picture.
  • You can cross-promote your work by collaborating with peers within the same industry. As the say goes, ‘’joined forces prove more effective’’ and you can rest assured to meet other creative people within the industry besides finding more opportunities.
  • Apply and participate in awards and contests. It never really matters whether you are an established name within the photography business or an emerging talent. All you need to do entails applying for upcoming contests by registering your creative photography pieces. By winning such an award, you will have opened doors for high-profile magazine features and exhibitions for your pieces.
  • Network IRL. Everything starts in the real world (IRL) and it’s important to not forget this as you market and showcase your photography online. Online platforms will help you in tracking your digital footprint through available marketing tools such as the number of clicks when it comes to a photograph. However, personal referrals are equally effective and can open unimaginable doors. It becomes crucial, therefore, to balance both offline and online strategies when it comes to marketing.
  • Share your skill and expertise. With venturing offline when it comes to your photography marketing needs, it can prove the right time to start speaking or engaging in seminars, industry talks, and conferences. Through participation and sharing your skill and expertise, you not only benefit from the free advertisement but also get exposed. 


Adoption of these marketing strategies can transform and take your photography business to the next level.