Top Meubels & Furniture Trends of 2019

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Meubels & Furniture Trends
Meubels & Furniture Trends

It’s no longer the 20th century, and it hasn’t been for a very long time. Almost 20 years to be exact. This year, there are many furniture trends in 2019 that are being more widely used by people for both residential and even commercial applications. In this guide, some of the best and most popular designers of custom meubels have decided to offer their input to give you some of the best trends that you can look out for, and see what you may want to do with your home décor to complement your design.

Using Oxidized Oak

This hardwood is a “charred” looking bit of oak is actually a great and popular design trend. It’s also a way to keep a natural feel, but make it more modern so it provides a unique appeal to it to complement any style with its original but diverse material. Oxidized Black Oak #12. 159.00. #12 – 10 x 3 Oxidized Black Oak – This oxidized bowl is perfect for storing keys or jewelry, or any small items you can think of. Once-turned from green wood on Big Ridge Ranch, the shape of this bowl shows the fluidity and irregular movement indicative of the slow drying process.

Special Fluffy Headboards

Imagine having your head not only nestled in your pillows, but up against a soft pillow-top instead of a wall. This is actually something these “Luxe” headboards offer, and they’re becoming extremely popular today.

Bold Colors and Bold Designs

More now than ever, having bright and bold colors has been helping to cheer people up, and bring rooms to life, as well as add an extra sense of peaceful mood to your elements. At the same time, even room décor has been more out-of-the-box than it has been in the past, for example having strange lamps and furniture which mixes modern and natural elements, as well as even painting clouds on ceilings. It’s not just for the Sistine Chapel anymore.

Using Furniture for Multiple Applications

Another popular trend this year is using furniture which has more than one feature to make it function for other uses. For example, having chairs that have small “end tables” attached to them is becoming more and more popular. Cup holders in couches are also becoming another popular trend in 2019 again.

Custom Made by Hand

Having furniture that is handmade is coming back into style and offers a bit of Bohemian vibrancy to your design and home style. Not only is antique furniture coming back into style, but it can literally mean that you have true pieces of art that are more than just a conversation piece.

Bed Baskets

Beds are becoming more and more comfortable, and no, we’re not just talking about mattresses. You may be surprised, but even “king sized” bean bags are becoming more in-style than they used to be. At the same time, when it comes to headboards and footboards, they’re also becoming a lot cozier, and have more encompassing qualities than they used to, even for adults.


Whether you’re going with natural elements (another popular trend this year, like using marble and granite with wooden compliments), you can definitely join the rest of the general public and find a newfound appreciation for your home décor, as well as get marvelous design ideas that can enhance the feel of your home and turn it into a tranquil oasis.