Top 7 Free Android Apps

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Android Apps

One of the biggest positives of being an android user is the massive number of applications available on android’s PlayStore. With the correct combination of apps, any android smartphone can become a powerhouse with all necessary arsenal to defeat boredom, ace at work and passion, take social media by the storm and make the most of life and entertainment in general. 

While some of the top android apps cost some money in terms of subscription fees or feature purchase in-app, there are still a good many fantastic and absolutely free android apps that can enable and empower you to utilize your smartphone and time to the fullest. 

To keep things precise, here are the best seven android apps in no particular order which would not require you to part with your money to enjoy them: 


Xender is your one-stop solution for your file sharing requirements. This app allows you to share all kinds of files like photos, videos, documents, music, and even applications without using any mobile data. The sharing process is much faster than Bluetooth, way better than airdrop, and requires no NFC. With the growing popularity of the application, the biggest concern is Xender available for PC and the best part is it is and that too with ease and convenience. Xender enables cross-platform transfers that allow you to share files between android and iOS as well as between PC and MAC. If you like your file sharing solution to be smart and simple, chances is you would like to stick to Xender. 


All your photo requirements can be sorted by Pexels, a database of images that can be used for free by anyone and for any reason, even commercial purposes, without citing attributions. 

All you need to do to find what you are looking for is type in your keywords at the search bar in the app. You can also spend time browsing through some wonderful photography and save what you like for future use. You can also tap the photographers you like to see more of their work and even follow them so you don’t miss out on their new uploads. 

With Pexels, not only can you collect, like, share and download photos, but also become a photographer by uploading your own photographs for other people to use. The user interface is also super sleek and the app is designed to please your aesthetic senses thoroughly. 

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is as entertaining as it is educational. Whether you are deeply interested in learning about the art and culture around the world or simply have a fleeting interest in gaining information about interesting sights in tourist places or perhaps an educator looking to move beyond the textbook for a class, you will find this app to be one of the finest creations. 

From high-quality digital versions of world-famous paintings that you can zoom in on to 360-degree virtual reality tours in the form of videos of popular museums and other sites of interest, you may be amazed at the amount of content this free app has to offer. You can also find articles and information on exhibits and local events and a lot more on this app. 

Besides the fact that you get access to such a treasure chest free, this app keeps updating its content and features as and when required and offer you info at point and touch anytime you visit any exhibit in the real world. 


If you are an artist and are looking for digital painting and sketching app, SketchBook is one of the best bets that come for free on android. Earlier most of the features of this app needed users to pay, but now the app and its features have been made completely free, which is great news for all who want to try their hand at digital art. 

Along with basic tools like pen mode, layer editor, and advanced tools (now free) like over 130 brush settings, canvas sizes that can be customized, different rulers, image imports, etc., SketchBook from Autodesk is among the choicest free sketching apps on android. 


Canva is one of the best graphic design apps now available for free use for android users. Initially launched only for iOS users, this powerful application for creating posters, invites, flyers, cards, banners, Insta posts, collages, and more have recently arrived on Android. 

Intuitive and extremely user friendly, Canva offers features that take no degree in graphic design to apply. With a wide range of pre-created templates, this app offers you the choice to begin at the end and edit away to glory.

For instance, you can tap on the text in the template and write afresh, as well as change the font size, style, and color. Similarly, you can change any part of the template you wish by simply tapping on it and replacing the existing material with your desired contextual material. 

The designs you create using this app can be shared online, saved to your phone as well as saved to the ‘your designs’ section within the app. The app is not only a lot of fun but also very useful for those with quick graphic design needs! 


One of the simplest and most popular camera apps for android is Picai. This app uses AI to suggest filters before you take a photo- all you need to do is point the camera at the subject you wish to photograph and not only will the app recognize what you are pointing at (with a text pop-up) but also overlay filters that it thinks will be the best fit and lay them on the viewfinder for you to choose from. You swipe horizontally if you like the filter it’s chosen or you swipe up/down to manually select a filter for your photograph. 

Picai also lets you apply filters on photos from your gallery, so all in all if you love filters on your photos, you will most likely, love Picai. 


The best language learning app for android is Duolingo and it is free. 

Here’s everything that makes it the best:

  • It has a gigantic library to choose languages from and covers almost all languages spoken in the world. 
  • The lessons are bite-sized and fun.
  • Gamification of lessons and the use of bright colors and bold fonts help users learn languages faster and efficiently. 
  • You can compete with friends as you complete levels through which the language learning process progresses. 
  • It is completely free.