Top 5 SA Celebrities Who Support Breastfeeding

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5. Zikhona Sodlaka

Zikhona Sodlaka

Zikhona Sodlaka accepts no mother ought to be caused to have an awkward outlook on open breastfeeding.

“This is what won’t occur. My child and every other person’s child who takes care of from the bosom won’t go hungry because of the unusual remarks made when a lady chooses to take care of her kid,” she composed on Instagram.

The entertainer said the individuals against public breastfeeding ought to leave or shut their eyes.

“Assuming it is awkward for you to take a gander at a taking care of the child that necessities to develop, then maybe YOU cover YOUR eyes, or you move up, and you leave,” she composed.

“I would rather not discuss that it is so odd not to have any desire to see a youngster taking care of because we know that at the start of your life, you also needed to nurse from your mom’s bosom,” she added.