Top 5 Lowest-paid Actors In South Africa

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3) Wallet From Skeem Saam

Wallet From Skeem Saam

To be honest I am also flabbergasted to perceive this bloke in this inventory. The wallet is very talented and we were lucky enough to witness this man portraying his talent on screen. However are you ready for a twist of the tale in this case? A wallet is a Poetic person and he had collaborated with Skeem Saam in order to add more publicity to his poems. Have you read the famous poem titled “Morality Is A Strict Father”? Well, he is the poet behind the poem.

Due to the collaboration between the 2 parties Wallet “was” earning R12 000 per month and this was due to the number of times he was spending behind the camera. Apparently, he had a contract that wasn’t fixed on the salary and that is why sometimes he made random appearances out of nowhere.