Top 5 Lowest-paid Actors In South Africa

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1. Screwdriver From Uzalo

Screwdriver From Uzalo

Screwdriver from Uzalo makes the top of the list as the lowest-paid actor in South Africa. Screwdriver doesn’t play a crucial role in Uzalo. His role doesn’t really bring any drama or light to the show. He has never been involved in any feud, so it is understandable why he doesn’t get paid much. Another thing that makes him not to be paid a large sum of money is because of his appearance in the drama. As I said he has never been involved in any feud so his time in front of the camera is very slim.

To wrap up the case of Screwdriver we have to tell you how much he earns. According to multiple sources, Screwdriver earns R7 000 per month.