Top 4 SA Celebs Before and After Skin Bleaching and lightening

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Ohk so being a yellow bone is like a must to become proper BAE in South Africa apparently. It’s crazy to see what lengths people would go to just to appear lighter or have lighter skin and be able to claim the title of being a yellow bone.

“According to the University of Cape Town study, about 30% of black South African women are regular skin bleachers. In Nigeria, an estimated 77% of the female population use skin lighteners not withstanding the fact that medical research has found that skin bleaching damages the skin, causing thinning, skin sensitivity and red blotches.”

Is skin bleaching really the only solution to making women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skins? So which side of the line do you stand? Are you for skin bleaching or against it?

Who ever decided to come out and claim that darker skinned women are not beautiful has really ruined society. This is not only amongst the black society.