Top 30 Most Shockingly Offensive Vintage Advertisements

Drummond Sweaters: “Men are better than women.”

Whelp, Drummond Sweaters is at it again, but this time with two fully-clothed men standing at the edge of a cliff looking at each other — one of them holding a rope with a woman trying to climb up. (Another reason to believe the company was targeting homosexual males).

The ad’s headline is in bold, telling potential male buyers that they are better than women. But, it gets worse. The description of why to buy a Drummond Sweater goes on to explain that “indoors, women are useful — even pleasant … but a drag on the mountain.” Which is why if you want to impress a woman with your sweater, there is no need to drag her to the mountain because Drummond Sweaters can be worn anywhere — even in the kitchen?

Now that we’ve described the ad, it’s time to end the commentary. We won’t waste anymore time on this stupidity.