Top 25 hottest female DJs in South Africa 2022: Mzansi Talented DJs

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5. Uncle Waffles – Amapiano DJ

Uncle Waffles
  • Real name is Lungelihle Zwane.
  • Date of Birth: April 04, 2000

Uncle Waffles has become the hottest thing on the internet, catapulting her into viral fame. She is the fastest-growing DJ in the country. Her DJ skills are excellent; by these skills, Drakimpressedby her.

Now it’s time to get to know the woman behind the decks better. She’s originally from Eswatini. She didn’t have the most straightforward upbringing and was raised by her grandmother. The DJ never knew her parents and only, much later, was able to reconcile with her mother. She has since moved to South Africa and is now based here. Contrary to popular belief, Uncle Waffles is not what is written on her birth certificate. She is also only 21 years old.