Top 11 biggest Cheating scandals involving politicians in SA

7. Malusi Gigaba – Home affairs minister 
This has to be one of the most public scandals in the political sphere, as both Gigaba’s women publicly fought on social media, calling each other names we would rather not mention.

Following the scandal in 2015, Gigaba’s then girlfriend, stylist Buhle Mkhize, wrote an open letter detailing the affair she allegedly had with the home affairs minister, who seemed to have been struggling to handle his affairs at home.

According to the letter, their affair started in July 2014 after their meeting on Instagram and they “realised they shared the same sense of humour”.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and wife Nomachule Mngoma at their wedding on August 30, 2014. (Picture: Gallo Images)

By the end of July, Gigaba allegedly started sending Mkhize private message that were innocent at first but graduated to flirting.

The exchange of private messages on Instagram quickly escalated to calls and text messages. Gigaba then arranged for Mkhize to visit him in Cape Town, where they spent four days together.

He again gave her cash gifts, one of which was R288 000, revealed an open letter published in Just Curious.

The two women started attacking each other, but eventually apologised to one another. Now it seems the affairs at Gigaba’s home are back to normal (whatever that is) as the two have been posting pictures of each other on Instagram and taking vacations together.

Earlier this month, Gigaba found himself in a dilemma after Mkhize took to Twitter to respond to his wife, Norma Gigaba’s recent interview with eNCA.

In the interview, Norma opened up about an affair her husband had with New York-based stylist Mkhize about two years ago, saying it had been a difficult time for her family.

Though she was hurt by the affair, Norma said she worried more about her parents.

“I was feeling so bad for my mother and his mother. When they were going to church, people were reading Drum magazine, they were reading papers, and now we have to explain.”

Norma received criticism for the interview, but it seems she invited Mkhize right back in her life, exactly where she had not wanted her to begin with.

‘Mkhize’, who is now married, opened a Twitter account responding to Norma’s interview. She said she was not going to sit by and watch Norma “lie” to the public. In fact, Mrs Gigaba should have refused to speak about the affair, as everyone had moved on from it, said ‘Mkhize’.

“Could you have not declined answering that question @normzmngoma? I get interview requests on it all the time but I decline,” she wrote.

Tweeting the minister directly, the woman calling herself Mkhize further warned Gigaba to keep his wife on a leash or she would reveal more details about their affair.

“Stop her from ever bringing this up again or they’ll hear about December 18, you know me and documenting, I don’t slip @mgigaba.

“Let’s not forget the private jet Joburg to Durban @mgigaba. Shocker !!!. You’ve never met the Guptas angithi?”

‘Mkhize’ said Norma should have just kept quiet and live her life quietly, but now secrets that have long been kept would come out, she threatened.