Top 11 biggest Cheating scandals involving politicians in SA

11. Blade Nzimande

Again, in early August, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande made headlines for a picture of a naked man, whose author claimed was the minister. The man in the picture can be seen washing himself from a bucket and is photographed by a young woman on a bed who may also be unclothed.
A clickbait website broke the story that the image was shared on the Facebook profile of a young student reportedly named “Dimpho Kelly”, whom they described as Nzimande’s “blessee” at Wits university.

The photo that had everyone talking last month.

They claimed that she shared the story with a caption about how she was disgusted at the minister’s attitude towards the #FeesMustFall movement, and she decided to take the picture out of revenge.

Nzimande later released a statement about the nude picture. He said that the man in the picture was clearly not him and that it was shared on social media as part of a smear campaign, further calling the act of being in a relationship with a young girl as an “immoral act in our society and must be rejected by all”.

“There is a compromising photo claimed to be mine on social media. That is not me but is part of an attempted smear campaign during this time of upheaval in some of our institutions.”