Top 10 Ways to Save Money on a Round the World Trip

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Traveling around the world disengages you from routine and creates invaluable memories. However, most of us don’t grow money trees in our backyards! So, saving money on a trip worldwide is the ultimate challenge for many. 

Here are the top 10 ways to save money on a trip around the world:

1. Travel Slow and Visit Fewer Regions

  • Don’t race throughout a country or tear through six countries in six weeks. Instead, familiarize yourself well with fewer regions. Traveling quickly increases transportation costs appreciably, what with having to take plenty of flights, bus and train journeys, and to drive long distances.
  • Stay within your travel budget, for instance, by visiting a big city like Paris end-to-end rather than taking a 10-day trip through 4 different European cities. Moreover, a week-long stay in the same hotel is likely to fetch you a cheap deal. So, travel slow, see more and save plenty!

2. Camping!

  • One of the cheapest getaways, camping also adds an element of adventure to your trip. There are several places to camp, including a forest park, a lakeside area, a caravan park, and the beachside. Such rustic escapes found all over the globe are all about tents, cookouts, and lively campfire songs.
  • At campsites, you can indulge in hiking, boating, and fishing. You can also go dirt biking in the surrounding area; just ensure that you have the essential motorcycle protection. Bring along Frisbees and board games for playing together. 

3. Be Extremely Flexible on Your Flight Schedule

  • By being flexible with your travel dates, you’ll find it much easier to book cheap flights. This way you’ll end up saving a myriad of dollars. 
  • For increasing your chances of getting cheaper flights, make it a point to fly in the wee hours. Also, fly midweek and as far as possible avoid holiday times. You can use excellent tools like Kayak and Skyscanner to find instant information about discounted flights. Alternatively, purchase discounted tickets directly from airline websites. 

4. Save Food Expenses by Renting an Apartment

  • One of the best options for budget accommodation, apartments provide families with additional living space as well as a kitchen, thus saving on food. Home-cooked meals indeed save plenty of money. This way you can cut down on restaurant bills and won’t need to spend on expensive fast foods.
  • You can easily look up inexpensive vacation rentals online and can select from a large variety of holiday apartments in top destinations worldwide. So, feel at home in your vacation apartment while cooking delicious, homely meals and staying on budget comfortably. 

5. Walk Walk Walk

  • Since it’s free, walking is sure to save you a great deal of money! What’s more, it adds years to your life. So, get active and experience more simply by walking about a new place, exploring local markets, taking pictures, and chatting with locals. You can also hike to a hilltop for breathtaking landscape views.
  • Get into a nearby park and stroll amidst the lush greenery. Huge gardens like Paris’s Luxembourg Gardens offers plenty of green space to walk around and more than 100 sculptures to admire on the way.

6. Befriend the Locals

  • While visiting any new country, hang out with the locals to get a good insight on the foreign land. Follow their advice before exploring new areas, visiting restaurants and shopping around. This way you’re sure to save money, and, what’s more, make new friends! If you want to make friends with locals online then you should visit, where you have the opportunity to meet tons of interesting people.
  • Befriending locals can also help you find inexpensive accommodations, and at times, they might offer you free stay and meals in their very homes. It’s also a great idea to do fun-filled activities together with locals, such as visiting a new coffee shop, going kayaking in a river close by, or taking a day trip to an unfamiliar town. 

7. Indulge in Street Food

  • Cheap, filling, and delicious – that’s authentic street food. The best way to taste the traditional cuisine of your travel destination, most street food generally costs no more than 10 USD, making it easily affordable for many. 
  • Typically locals prepare the street food, so, by savoring it, you’re not only saving money but also helping the locals’ small businesses grow. Last but not least you’re eating safe because you can see the vendors cooking fresh food.

8. Shop Like the Locals

  • Head to the weekend markets to shop for souvenirs, clothing, and food items, just like the locals do. You can also try the outlet stores and try to get the best bargain possible. 
  • Don’t waste time visiting chain stores because they are the same everywhere. Instead, visit handicraft markets and buy indigenous arts to beautify your home, giving it a global look. 

9. Use Apps that Offer Free Phone Calls

  • Use mobile-friendly apps that offer free talk, texting, as well as photo sharing all over the world. While visiting a new place, look for free WiFi facilities at cafes and libraries. Also, choose an accommodation offering free WiFi. 
  • This way you can use apps like Skype and Google+ effectively and inexpensively to communicate with your near and dear ones while you’re miles away from them.

10. Don’t Leave Out the Free Stuff

  • Why miss out on innumerable fun things which are free? Enjoy street fairs and free movie screenings, wander about a market, catch an impressive sunset, swim at a quiet beach, or trek up a mountain.
  • What’s more, even getting lost in a new town is free! Simply hit the streets and make discoveries in every corner.


So, now you know some smart ways to save money on a trip around the world. In the future, your struggling with travel expenses is sure to be a distant probability.