Top 10 Biggest Shopping Malls in South Africa

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4. Canal Walk in Cape Town

Canal Walk in Cape Town

If you are looking for the biggest shopping malls in Cape Town, Canal Walk is where you should go. The shopping centre was unveiled in 2000, and it is located in Century City, a suburb of Cape Town. At Canal Walk, you will find more than 400 stores, with most of them selling both local and international products. Canal Walk might not be the largest mall in South Africa, but it offers leisure, fashion, and entertainment to all its customers daily.

The mall is currently owned by Hyprop Investments, together with Ellerine Bros. You will find different varieties of food in Canal Walk, including vegan foods. If you are going to the shopping centre for movies, make your bookings at the Nu Metro Canal Walk. The mall at Century City is one of the shopping centres where you can enjoy the 4k movie experience and 360-degree sound. The Scene Xtreme cinema is situated in this mall, and it is one of the biggest cinemas in Cape Town.