Tips on How to Boost Self Confidence in your Child

Boost Self Confidence in your Child

Wouldn’t it be great if all kids were born with confidence, compassion and spunk? Though a great wish to make, but all kids aren’t same and hence it is important to equip them with enough confidence so that they can thrive in this big bad world. Because it is a bad time for kids and teen suicides are on the rise, you need to bolster the self-esteem of your child to tackle the bullies and accomplish academic success too by fighting the pressure.

A confident child has a positive approach and realistic perception in life. It comes out of big and small achievement he/ she make in their child. And, you’re encouraging words serve as icing on the cake to enhance their confidence. Here are some tips to help you boost the self-confidence of your child:

1. Love your baby:

It is pretty obvious and the important thing for a growing child. As a parent, you need to dole out maximum love to your child. Make sure you make your child feel important and accepted. If you yell at them on their mistakes or ignore them, then it will hamper your child’s mental growth. Give your child a hug and explain the mistakes they have done. Unconditional love is the first step to lay the foundation of strong confidence.

2. Praise your child when they need to be praised:

It is important to provide positive feedback to your child on their efforts and achievements. However, you should be realistic in your praise. Even if your child has failed in a particular competition, you can at least praise the effort. Assure your child that it is ok to not do things perfectly.

3. Make your child set realistic aims:

If your child starts in soccer, it is okay for her to assume that she will be the part of Olympic team one day. But if she is continuously failing in the high school events and still think she has Olympic calibre, then you need to shape her goals. Make your child choose reasonable goals to avoid getting disheartened in the future.

4. Inculcate independence and adventure:

Make sure your child tries new things without being afraid of failure. With younger kids, you can provide them with kid’s scooter and supervise in the beginning. Make sure that they ride safe and then give them the space. Encourage exploration. Find out how to choose the best kids scooter and choose the best suitable for your child as per her age and height. Riding on scooter during day trips, outings, vacations and trips with friends in park will expand her horizon and create confidence in her to tackle new situations.

5.  Set some rules for your child:

Those kids are more confidence when they know that they are in charge and their parents have expectations. Set rules for your child and she will have confidence in what she can do within that premise. Learning rules and following them will create a sense of security and confidence in your child.